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  1. I am so glad I can make quick, small, on-demand orders now. They show up quick! Shipping is so much better with the new location!

  2. PlutoniumX

    Sweet Pea bracelet

    The comic nerd in me loves the HulkSmash color combo
  3. Loving the fast USPS shipping! Cheaper and Faster! Not loving, accidentally dumping a bag of light champagne 18532 rings in with a container of bright silver ones.

    1. calyx


      As an Australian, USPS available is FANTASTIC! :-)

      Good luck with your rings - I've got a toddler ring "accident" to sort out myself...

  4. PlutoniumX

    armored Rainbow Dash

    My little girl loves this.
  5. PlutoniumX

    Byzantine and ring size question

    I use 1614 with 3 connector rings.
  6. PlutoniumX

    We're Moving!

    Oh! Another reason to visit Canada!
  7. PlutoniumX

    Hand Anodized Niobium Byzantine Bracelet

    I really love the gradient flow.
  8. PlutoniumX

    Vyking's Triskelion 25

    Dude, I love that!
  9. PlutoniumX

    Hand Anodized Titanium Itty Bitty Dragon

    That's really great!
  10. PlutoniumX

    precious metals clay

    I haven't but it did look interesting! Looking forward to seeing if anyone here has given it a shot!
  11. PlutoniumX

    Captain America outfit is done

    That's pretty bad assed! Good job!
  12. PlutoniumX

    unnamed (3)

    That's great!
  13. PlutoniumX


    I REALLY LIKE that!
  14. PlutoniumX

    I would wear Chainmail in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    When we first watched it, I was like leather backed chainmaille would be in demand in that universe.
  15. PlutoniumX

    debit visa

    The main problem with protection of a visa debit vs a visa is this: If my card/number gets stolen and used, I might have x amount of dollars locked up in hold while they investigate/process your claim. If this is credit, it's no big deal because hey, it's not your money. When it's your bank account, having 500, 1000, whatever amount frozen because it was used to buy plane tickets to Papua New Guinea then that is the problem. Read all the fine print, things my vary from bank to bank and country to country.
  16. PlutoniumX

    This earring set was made for a fundraiser for Idaho dance theatre

    I really like how you creatively pulled everything together. Looks good!
  17. Moving to a new place this weekend. How many rings will be left Hansel and Gretel style between the old place and the new? We shall see.

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      I have a move coming up too... I just don't want to loose any bigger items like a chain shirt. Good Luck with your move! :D

  18. PlutoniumX

    Question about new pliers

    I use wubbers and xurons.
  19. PlutoniumX

    Maille purse.

    That is super awesome!
  20. I happen upon an arts and antiques show over the weekend (I did not have a booth) and stumbled upon a fellow selling chainmaille. He immediately launched into selling me on the pros of aluminum. I held up my wrist showing off a chainmaille cuff and explained that I had a business a few towns over. Of course I looked at his stuff. He said he made his own (powder-coated) rings. Being a TRL forum member of course the first thing I check out is his closures. He's making giant 14 and 12 gauge byzantine. The ring color looks fine, but it looks like he cut them with a rusty chisel or a dull rock. Closures, not so much, more "eh close-ure enoughs for me". He had a nice enough booth and did some interesting wire wrapping and enameling, but boy, really shite mail. I got out of there pretty fast. Every other booth was jewelry of some sort, but he was the only mailer that I saw. It was super hot and I sure was glad I didn't have a booth. I don't even mind competition most times. Most people around here seem to be more along the lines of "I cut some galvy wire rings with toe nail clippers and I am looking into expanding into soda can tab armor" than any serious art/jewelry/armor business.
  21. LOL! Yeah, I remember at the time I tried to talk to the guy about things and he went off on a somewhat interesting tangent about historical enameling. I wouldn't have felt comfortable discussing his technique with him at all. I had the feeling it would be met with outrage. What he sold in some ways was Pomp. I'd love to have a local mailing buddy, but unfortunately this wasn't the one.
  22. PlutoniumX

    soldier guys

    It'd be fun to fabricate some weapons and shields for them too! Joe collectors are hard core. Make a line of medieval and historical Joes and sell them as customs.
  23. PlutoniumX

    soldier guys

    I'd probably suggest the 12 inch classic joes. Look for junkers/parts/ "for customs" listings. Something like that. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-G-I-JOE-12-INCH-ACTION-FIGURINES-6-FIGURINES-FOR-PARTS-OR-REPAIR-/321255453466?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item4acc51331a Here is one with clothes on: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GI-Joe-Master-Sgt-Duke-12-inch-Action-Figure-/231104090560?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item35cee091c0 Buy up lots. Sell of parts/accessories to help recoup some of the action figure loss.
  24. PlutoniumX

    Chainmaille Snowman Earring

    A little something for the holidays.