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  1. kegas76

    Ring Size for Roundmaille

    Your AR is probably a little too small. http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=15 lists the ideal AR as 3.5 and minimum as 3.2, the rings you mentioned would be just under AR3.
  2. kegas76

    15mm Rhinestone Studded Ring Elements

    I saw this was updated on the page earlier this morning before I put in my order
  3. jsRhRing is listed as being sold by the package but there is no indication how many are in a package. Most of the images show 11-12 rings in a pile so the natural assumption would be 12 but then again the SWAROVSKI Bi-cones specifically say by the dozen. I'm getting ready to make an order this week but at $7 I don't want to assume this and then not get as many as I thought.
  4. My wife's friend owns a beading shop and I think her classes would be interested in trying out a scale flower kit project, the poinsettia for the holidays to be specific. Before I bring up this project with her I wanted to clear up if there were any distribution issues for the patterns. She is very careful to be sure designers consent to have their patterns taught to classes. The Byzantine and E4in1 teacher kits mention PDF downloads "with rights to distribute 10 copies" but these are free patterns. 1) Is the Scale Flower Instructions tutorial owned by TRL? (Do you have ability to answer these questions or is there an outside designer that needs to be asked?) 2) Would each student need to buy a pattern? If so would a group rate be possible?
  5. kegas76

    Byzantine and ring size question

    TRL just put up a handy little graphic for byzantine chain ring sizes. It can be found on their twitter, facebook, and on the byzantine kits page.
  6. kegas76

    Finger calluses

    I was having this problem earlier in the year for awhile. I ended up using foam first aid tape, specifically 3M:Nexcare - Absolute Waterproof Tape, I'm sure there are other/off brands too though.
  7. kegas76

    Jon Special 1&5 Double Hex Rings

    Wonderful, thanks
  8. I've been eyeing these for awhile now (Z-Special1 & Z-Special5) and I'm getting ready to make a new order but I have one question on these. They are sold by the bag but it doesn't specifically say how many are in the bag. There are 10 in the picture so I assume it's 10 per bag but I wanted to make sure.
  9. kegas76

    how strong is sterling?

    This is a little off topic but if you are interested in trying different metals, you might want to try nickel silver, especially if brass is a favorite. The strength is like bronze (90ksi) and the color is more of a grey-yellow than the red-yellows of brass. Here is a picture of two stepping stone items I made with nickel silver. The top is jewelers brass for the large rings and nickel silver for the rest. The second is bronze for the large ring, brass for the medium ring, and nickel silver for the small rings. The color doesn't come through great but it does show the difference in shade.
  10. kegas76

    is saw cut worth it?

    I find the best way to make an OCD perfect closure is to mess up the weave. Then when you notice the mess up and need to go back and fix it you can never find the break in the ring
  11. kegas76


    I don't normally do Facebook stuff but I thought this milestone was worth it. Grats https://www.facebook.com/TheRingLord !
  12. kegas76

    Looking for large oval-shaped rings

    Go with the three small rings. It looks like this is how it was in the original. http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/Jane-Fonda-Barbarella.jpg