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    20mm SS Bar Only

    Ordered some materials a few days ago, including several JCTOG-BAR-SS. (bar half of a 'toggle clasp') Inspected my haul today to discover that the connection ring on JCTOG-BAR-SS is only butted, not solid (like the other similar products I received seem to be) or even welded. This may function for my purposes (I'm not certain at this point) and might even be preferable for some others' purposes, but was not readily apparent from the product listing and could impact usability in some applications. Suggest adding a line to the 'notes' on this product. (on a side note, I have no idea why my text is showing up white-on-black...)
  2. Tedronai

    Newbie asking for guage/material help.

    Have you considered Interwoven 4 in 1 with one layer of steel for structure and one layer of aluminum for the desired cosmetic appeal?
  3. Tedronai

    Hemming Euro 4 in 1

    The collar is described by the maker as Roundmaille (defined over on M.A.I.L. as a six row tube of E4-1), but I agree that it does look more to be Box Chain (a 4 row tube).
  4. Tedronai

    Soldering Questions

    A 'silvery' metal cheaper than silver itself, that is solderable ... well, technically stainless steel is solderable, though it is more often welded. I'm given to understand that it's a bit more of a pain than more commonly soldered metals like copper or silver, but from what I have read, it is doable. edit: additional reference
  5. Tedronai

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Any eta on the 1/8" mandrels?
  6. Tedronai

    Having a really hard time closing jump rings

    To expand on this: I use one needle nosed plier in combination with one flat nosed plier. I hold the ring in place with my left hand using the needle nosed plier, which has teeth (well worn with age), and manipulate the ring with my right hand using the flat-nosed plier. When I can, I hold the ring like: |O and manipulate it like: O-- Sometimes, once a weave gets a bit tighter, I end up holding like: /O
  7. Tedronai

    Airsoft Armor Chainmail Hood/Coif

    Replace the actual headshots with head-sized and possibly even shaped 'target locations' outlined on the 'zombies' outfits in bright red tape.
  8. Tedronai

    Customer Laser engraved Branding tags for sale

    Could we see an example or two of the engraved 16g 3/8" square wire ring? Would a comparable product be available in stainless in the foreseeable future? Would alternate ring sizes be possible? (I assume, of course, that the wire size has some hard minimums) I'd love to start integrating one or two of those into every piece I make.
  9. Would TRL be willing/able to supply an order of 18swg 1/4", 22awg 1/8", and 24awg 7/64", 3/4-hard stainless steel coil? How much would such coils cost? What sort of minimum order size would need to be placed? Similarly for 1/4-hard 22awg 7/64?
  10. Tedronai

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Any estimate on the 'Stick Lube' for saw cutting?
  11. Tedronai

    ~20lbs .080 CP Ti Wire

    @losthelm .08" is about 14swg/12awg, or about 2mm @Stoli does the 20lbs include the spool?
  12. Tedronai

    E6-1 belt kits: AA?

    Hmmm ... that is peculiar, since I was keeping a close eye even on my spam box during that time. Regardless, thank you for your response, here. I've talked to the prospective client, and they're firmly attached to the idea of this belt being green, which is difficult to achieve in steel, and I think out of their price range in titanium. That leaves, I believe, EPDM and aluminum. edit: I do see that you have some 'plated iron', but only normally offer non-metallic rings in a 51 colour mix, and normally only in 18g 3/16. How much would it theoretically cost, roughly, to acquire sufficient (at least approximately 1800 rings) green-plated iron 16g 5/16 as a custom order? The steel kit says it includes some amount of 'smaller rings for trimming'. Would it be possible to get more detail on those rings (their size/s and number)? edit part 2: would these rings be of sufficiently non-load-bearing nature (as suggested by the use of 'trim') that they could reasonably remain aluminum if pursuing the plated iron custom order, above?
  13. Tedronai

    E6-1 belt kits: AA?

    Just wondering if there is a better way of getting a response to this or similar inquiries, given how long this one has been sitting here unanswered? I've also attempted the 'further assistance' email form on the 'contact us' page, here, to no avail. Maybe if I phrased the question(s) differently? The lack of response from a 'customer service forum' is just getting kind of disconcerting.
  14. Tedronai

    E6-1 belt kits: AA?

    I have an acquaintance interested in commissioning me to make a maille belt. However, they've expressed a preference for green anodized aluminum. Would it be possible to substitute SXAA16516green to replace the steel rings in the belt kit? How would doing so affect the cost of the kit? What practical repercussions would doing so have on the end product? (edit: obviously, the softer metal will be weaker, but will it be enough of a difference to make a difference to the customer in this application? would you have any recommendations to help compensate for the difference?)