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    clasp choices

    For me, one of the most difficult things to find for chainmaille bracelets are clasps. In some cases, a multi-strand toggle works, especially for the things I'm doing now, and I wish you would stock them. My favorite would be a sturdy multi-strand box type clasp, but they are very hard to find...in fact, I've only found a few expensive silver ones, or plated with gems or crystals. Most of them are small and weak, and don't fit with chainmaille. A multi-strand folding clasp would work, too, but I haven't seen any I like. Though the tube clasps aren't bad looking, the ringss are too close together, and they are a real pain to get on and off your wrist. I would love it if you could try to find a source for some of these other types of clasps. ...Thanks!
  2. artthrob

    minimum order and options question

    Sorry, numbers just bounce off my brain. ...All I saw was "sold per oz", and the number 2 (even though it was actually 0.2)! Thanks!
  3. I'm confused when I see this:"Sold by the oz" and then "Min. Purchase (per option): 0.2 oz" I don't know what you mean by "option", and is the price listed for 2 oz, or one? If I order one, does it place two ounces in my cart? Thanks...Harriet
  4. Four weeks from Jan 27 for the 16mm Plated Brass - Platinum (2 Rings)jctube-2-plat as well? If so, I'll probably have to try something else.
  5. artthrob

    Saw Cut vs. Machine Cut Rings

    Thanks, Bernice...Don't know what I'm doing wrong, then, unless it's opening them too far. I try not to, though, and concentrate on a smooth back and forth twist, keeping hands on same plane. Never have such problems with any other rings.
  6. artthrob

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    Thanks, and sorry, I should have said I'm using bronze rings, 5.6mm ID. I have 6 inch chain nose pliers, one straight pair from TRL, and two, one straight and one curved, from Beadalon...I got those from a Michaels store, where they only came in a set. Perhaps the TRL pair is stronger, but they are older, and have a smooth rubber covering on the handles...it slips, and has no cushioning, so I tend to use the others more. I see you do not recommend the kind I'm using (I wouldn't, either! LOL), but I don't see how I could use regular pliers, because the nose is so fat, and they have teeth. I've seen the modified ones made by someone here, but don't know how to do that. I have a large bench grinder, but don't know if that is how he did it. It would certainly be a lot of material to remove by grinding alone.
  7. artthrob

    Chainmail(le) hourly wages.

    Hmm, it might pay to have both. In the meantime, I found this site: http://www.craftbizblog.com/etsy-26-sites-sell-handmade-crafts-online/ which also suggests listing on mulitple sites. Makes me tired thinking of it, though ...seems you could spend too much time managing them, and not have much left for actually making stuff. Thanks
  8. artthrob

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    I"ve been looking for hours for an answer to a question, but haven't even found a good place to ask. I'll try here, though it seems it hasn't been used for a year. I have recently begun using 16 gauge rings, and the pliers I have do not seem strong enough. They flex when I'm closing the rings, almost seem as though the handles will bend. Are there any guidlines for plier sizes for different ring gauges and sizes? Also, yes, an update would be appreciated ... So many links from other RingLord pages also don't work for me. Derakon's "we've moved" link, for instance, leads to a server not found page, and there are no pictures on the site that actually loads. I'm thinking it might be my computer. Thanks
  9. artthrob

    Saw Cut vs. Machine Cut Rings

    I tried the machine cut anodized aluminum because I like the matte finish, but I find they do not close as nicely as in your pictures in the link. One side, the one with the bevel on it, always ends up above the other, and I have to clamp down on the meeting point to even it up. I hope you can picture what I mean. Am I somehow opening and closing them wrong?
  10. artthrob

    Chainmail(le) hourly wages.

    Thank you for the info about Etsy. Do you recommend any other sites? It's also easy and cheap to have your own site, now, so what is it that a group site does that makes it more desireable?
  11. artthrob

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    Thank you, Jon. Maybe you'll have room in your new digs!?
  12. artthrob

    How to order custom anodized aluminum

    I was looking forward to doing some things in the matt finish anodized aluminum, but I bought the sample pack, and looked at the pages, and it seems that the matt finish is pretty much limited to the machine cut rings. I wonder why that is? The beauty of the Titanium and Niobium rings is partly in the muted finish, but I can't afford those...yet. I've looked through the thread, and, if I didn't miss something, the only way to get the matt (bulk) finish in saw cut is with a $200 min order and a 4-16 week lead time!... But I also see a saw cut matt finish mix of colors (SXAA1814mixed). So you obviously do saw cut all the matt colors - why only sell them either in a mix, or the $200 min order? (Though a couple of people tried to clarify it, I still didn't get whether that $200 is for an entire order, or for each size and color, but my sense is that it is for a single size and color.) In any case, it's an absolute impossibility for me. Hope you can help me get all this straight.
  13. artthrob

    A gift for my wife.

    Beautiful... 'fraid the link no longer works, though, unless it's just my browser.
  14. artthrob

    Custom Harley Davidson necklace.

  15. artthrob

    Graduated JPL necklace

    Didn't even know graduations could be done! Beautiful.