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    Chainmaille & Swarovski, etc., Sports: UK Wildcats, REDS, COWBOYS, USA anything! And any GOOD tunes.
  1. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Jodey, my mistake... Matte Titanium 😄 , as in SXMA16732TI. Sorry for the goof.
  2. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Hi! Looking for possible restock ETA on Matte Platinum rings, especially 16732? Thanks!
  3. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum - technical info

    Since there is no image available on TRL site for Dark Blue, can anyone give me an idea of the shade it in relation to: I need to make a Dallas Cowboys Roundmaille necklace of size 16732 in Bright Anodized Aluminum... and am wondering if this is closer to a Navy Blue than the normal Royal?
  4. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Do you have a due date yet for SXAA18532 Dark Rose yet?
  5. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    OK, John... TYVM, take care & HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU! 😉
  6. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    I already have a pair of the cheapies and am being treated for Carpal Tunnel since I used them last. Do you have the 20 02 160s but just need them modded?) If so, I only need 2 pair!. I could buy them elsewhere but I want them Modded by TRL! It`s a TRUST issue... wink & nod
  7. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    John, why still no response to my request?
  8. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    ETA on restock of KX200-ERGOMOD, please? ☺
  9. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Jon, do you have an update on SXAA20764black? i'm currently holding back on a larger order, trying to get it included! I need current info to make an important call on my situation...
  10. MAILLEbyDave

    Captive inverted roundmaille, with beads?

    Good info delivered along with a quick wit, sir_osis.