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    Chainmaille & Swarovski, etc., Sports: UK Wildcats, REDS, COWBOYS, USA anything! And any GOOD tunes.

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  1. MAILLEbyDave


    Any updates on restock of SXBJR18732 ?
  2. "And any GOOD tunes."

    Hi, Dave!

    I'm a fan of bagpipes, having played them some years.  Of these, something I think you'd like would be Battlefield Band's cover of "Bad Moon Rising" -- with bagpipes doing a bridge.

    Most bagpipe small-music (the 'caol beg', or popular music of Scotland) I like -- marches, airs --  they are slower; hornpipes, strathspeys, and reels, which three are stuff to dance to, often a lot of fun -- and would sound really good wrung through an electric guitar.  Of the hornpipes, right now the biggie is "Itchy Fingers," which you can find on the pipes and on country fiddle.  You may prefer to start with the fiddle performance.

    "Amazing Grace," the most familiar of hymn tunes on the pipes, can make grown men and women weep.  "Flowers of the Forest," a lament, can make  you want  to rip your heart out of your chest for grief.  I've offered the piece for funerary or memorial services.  Don't think there was a dry hankie in the house.

    "Flower Of Scotland" has become the second Scottish national anthem -- and has words.  Seek performances of it on YouTube, by The Corries.  "Scotland the Brave," not an anthem, but sort of the national march, also has words, as of the 1930s iirc.

    One dating from the late nineteen-teens is "Battle of the Somme," which can be played as an air, or else as a variety of jig, in 9/8 time.  Decades later, somebody penned lyrics to it, naming the sung song "Someday We'll See Them," which is sung to the slower, air sort of pace.  "A song of faith, a song of resurrection" as folkie Tom Clancy said elsewhere; some cite Someday as an anti-war song -- I think that's too simplistic by rather a bit.

    Those are my high points for that kind of GOOD tunes.

    Regards, KtR

  3. MAILLEbyDave

    Dragon scale ring size suggestions wanted

    cdburner5911, 1814 &18532 AA. It will hold its shape perfectly 🙂
  4. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Will Matte Green be available in all AA Matte finish sizes. I'm currently seeking 18 SWG 7/32". But very interested in your Matte in general.😉 Thanks, Dave MAILLEbyDave
  5. MAILLEbyDave


    I received an E-mail saying SXBJR18732 is in stock as of Jan. 12th. That's fine if you gave the real story. I can/will gladly will continue to wait it out. Just wanted You to be aware of what message is being delivered via E-mail. THANKS, AS ALWAYS, Dave
  6. MAILLEbyDave


    Any word on wire replenishment status and production ETA for SXBJR18732?
  7. MAILLEbyDave


    ETA on Saw Cut Jewelers Brass 18 gauge in 7/32", please?
  8. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

  9. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Jodey, my mistake... Matte Titanium 😄 , as in SXMA16732TI. Sorry for the goof.
  10. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Hi! Looking for possible restock ETA on Matte Platinum rings, especially 16732? Thanks!
  11. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum - technical info

    Since there is no image available on TRL site for Dark Blue, can anyone give me an idea of the shade it in relation to: I need to make a Dallas Cowboys Roundmaille necklace of size 16732 in Bright Anodized Aluminum... and am wondering if this is closer to a Navy Blue than the normal Royal?
  12. MAILLEbyDave

    Anodized Aluminum

    Do you have a due date yet for SXAA18532 Dark Rose yet?
  13. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    OK, John... TYVM, take care & HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU! 😉
  14. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    I already have a pair of the cheapies and am being treated for Carpal Tunnel since I used them last. Do you have the 20 02 160s but just need them modded?) If so, I only need 2 pair!. I could buy them elsewhere but I want them Modded by TRL! It`s a TRUST issue... wink & nod
  15. MAILLEbyDave

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    John, why still no response to my request?