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  1. Amitisti

    Steampunk Maille

    Very Cool!
  2. Thanks for the Happy New Year. Got my TRL package today and going to Maille in the New Year!

  3. Amitisti

    Calico Persians

    Those color combinations are just so neat!
  4. Amitisti


  5. Amitisti

    20ga 1/8" mixed bags - AA

    Just wondering if there will be mixed bags available soon? I plan to make an order this week and would love to include a bag or 2 of the mixed AA rings
  6. Amitisti

    Got my first order

    I actually got the order over a week ago and have just now come up for air. I have been having so much fun with my shiney new rings! Now if I can figure out the whole magic shrinking picture thingy I can share some of what I have do with the rings. I also want to commend TRL on your amazing prices, I have been to more sites then I can count and not one of them comes even close to your price point. You make it much more affordable to indulge in those neat ones that you don't really need but just want to top off an order. the tags are addictive! got a mix bag for fun and love the tinkley sound that my new anklet makes when I walk
  7. Amitisti

    (Adult) forum question

    I will add my 'me too' to that list as well. glad that I am not the only one that can't find it and must be a site issue...was starting to question my intelligence lol
  8. Amitisti

    What is the best weave for mens jewelry?

    my hubby is pretty hairy and I made him a elf weave chain and he likes it. the most important thing in the chain for a hairy chest is your closers. it is the rings that will catch him more then the weave itself.
  9. Amitisti

    EPDM Rubber Restocked

    and I missed it by a few days will have to start putting together another order lol
  10. Amitisti

    Up close of Lamp Shade

    tissue paper? neat! never would have thought of something so simple and straight forward. Do you have to worry much about the paper burning or melting from the lamp heat?
  11. Amitisti

    Three of my pieces

    Good Job on those projects! My fav is the middle one, the danglies on the necklace. it is a lovely piece
  12. Amitisti

    Need weave input

    I like fiddiling with anything that has an orbital, and CIR with heavier rings and beads inside it. Helm is also nice to play with, I like spinning the rings that are inside that too.
  13. Amitisti

    Up close of Lamp Shade

    Amazing! What did you use for the middle of each ring?
  14. Hello Wiccandove! I have a feeling from your name that we have more then just maille in common :)