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  1. liriel

    Do I have to use 16ga 5/16" for large scales?

    You only need the exact ring size to do the "regular" scale pattern. Scales can be attached with all kinds of ring sizes. If your 18ga 1/4" is aluminum , it might be too flimsy to hold well with the weight of the scales though. You may want to double or triple your rings.
  2. liriel

    Color pattern help needed

    If I was adding lettering to a dice bag, I would do the letters in an rectangular strip, with no expansions and contractions, then close the strip on itself to form a cylinder, and add the top and bottom of the bag (maybe in the same colour as the letters). Top can be straight (drawstring bags open better with no contractions at the top, bottom can be rapidly contracting or an actual flat circle.
  3. liriel

    Rings and Pliers

    I wonder if you noticed the size of wire he is using... 20g (it's for the tiny scales). For that size of wire, even titanium does not need much leverage... ;-)
  4. liriel

    Rings and Pliers

    If you have the split rings pliers, those really only work for split rings. You will need new "regular" pliers for butted rings (two, of course). I like the "Knipex Watchmakers Plier - Narrow Nose" for small rings. I prefer pliers without a spring, but the RingLord brand chain nose pliers work fine if you like springs.
  5. liriel

    Scalemail Beginner - General Advice Needed

    As you have some time, you may want to get one of the "scale samplers" first, to see what the various sizes and materials actually look like. You may find that the large scales are small enough for the look you want. Large scales would save you a lot of time.
  6. liriel

    Titanium/niobium ring help

    Which metal depends also on your budget. Niobium is more expensive... I would guess 100$ in rings for a reasonably sized dice bag. Is it your favourite cousin? Budget is also a factor for machine cut vs saw cut. I much prefer working with saw cut, especially for jewellry, but machine cut is usually fine for a dice bag, especially if you consider that saw cut titanium can be about twice the price of machine cut titanium. I think niobium only comes in saw cut (it's mostly used for jewelry). A suggestion : I think the new matte blue anodized aluminum would make a very nice night sky, with the stars and moon in bright silver.
  7. Gold is ridiculously expensive now, few jeweller use 18k. I don't know of anyone who sells pre-made 18k solid gold rings, but I guess someone does as you are commenting on the price (here they have 10k solid gold, I guess 18k would be almost double the price), plus those would be very soft and probably make very fragile jewelry unless you intend to weld each ring. You could probably save a bit on the price by making them by hand, but it still would be very expensive. I would not dare to feed gold wire into a Ringinator, I would be worried about wasting even a little bit of wire.
  8. liriel

    Scalemail Advice Needed

    As you say, the main stress on a vest used in LARP is its own weight. With that in mind, do you really want to use steel scales? They are very heavy (putting stress in the rings... and on your body), and they are likely to rust. My favorite combination for very durable LARP armor is aluminum scales with stainless steel butted rings (using the standard weave for scales). The rings are fairly heavy, but the lighter scales mean that vest will be 15 pounds instead of 50 pounds... and it will be much more durable for larping.
  9. liriel

    Silver Micromaille Tie?

    Silver is rather heavy and soft, so I'm not sure rings of that metal would hold under the kind of pressure the top of the tie would be submitted to. Using anodized aluminum in silver and whatever other colour you want would probably be a simpler way to go. And cleaning mixed metals might indeed be an issue. I'd try electrolytic cleaning, but I'm not sure how it might affect the anodized aluminum (the ends of the rings are not anodized). Titanium or niobium might be an option?
  10. liriel

    What to do with titanium 1/2" 12g rings???

    According to what Bernice posted on the Facebook page, the tariffs are only on steel and aluminium wire, no rings should be affected. UPS does seem to like to invent fees whenever they feel like it though...
  11. liriel

    What to do with titanium 1/2" 12g rings???

    I've seen hauberks made with 1/2" 12g (aluminum though, not titanium), and it really doesn't look bad at all, especially if it is a large hauberk. Not very historical looking, but you may find interested people in your local fantasy LARP groups. (I don't think there are any new tariffs on titanium rings?)
  12. liriel

    Gold Scale Colors

    The "ordinary" gold mirror scales are really quite shiny! Blindingly so if you wear your armor in the sun. I've used a mix of brushed gold and mirror gold for my own armor shirt.
  13. liriel

    Glow in the dark scales

    They are pretty fragile, much more so than the clear or black polycarbonate. Not sure if it is a different polymer or if the glow in the dark pigment interferes with bonds in the polymer. I find they are ok for "regular" scale weaving, but not for the more sculpture like use (flowers, butterflies) that put a strain on the scales.
  14. liriel

    Welding advice

    You say you'll be wearing the shirt for hikes. I really don't think that welding 14 gauge wire is necessary for such use. It would hold up fine as just butted rings, even if it was 4 in 1 rather than 6 in 1. Also, galvanized steel can take a bit of rain (and sweat) without rusting, which would be a good thing when hiking. If you remove the zinc coating and then go hiking in the rain, you may end up with a rusty shirt very quick... unless you constantly oil it, which is rather messy...
  15. liriel

    Strap Strength

    As only the top row of rings is visible, using stainless rings of the same size instead would not be visible but would be much stronger without having to double the rings.