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    selling chainmail

    i like the looks of the chainmail pieces I've been seeing here and i think it would be good to try and sell some chainmail stuff. i'm a beginner at making chainmail; ive got euro 4-1 down good and i have a pinch of experience with full Persian, box, and byzantine. i am a very patient person so i have no problem making large scale projects or learning more complicated weaves. however, i think since i am going to try and make money fast it would be better if i did a bunch of smaller scale projects instead. i would like some suggestions on what i should make based on my current experience as well as what seems to sell well.
  2. Carnifex

    Help with selecting wire

    Thx for all the help. my mom was looking into making a few things from rings for her jewelery stuff so i could probably have her buy a mandrel set that we can both use so i can practice what size to use.
  3. Carnifex

    Help with selecting wire

    ok so the tighter the wire is wound the less spring back i should get and a smaller ring dia would be better. i think ill go down to a 3/8" dia. my mail sheets looked good when i was doing aluminum rings with that dia. my drill should be able to hold a 3/8" rod for coiling wire. if i coil stainless steel wire this way will my spring back give me a significant larger ring dia and cause me to use a smaller rod or should i be ok with the 3/8" rod?
  4. Carnifex

    Help with selecting wire

    yeah i never planned on heating the galv. tools are limited for me so even if i wanted too i wouldn't be able too. i also had a hand crank work well for me when i was coiling aluminum. does the lesser elastic metals make it necessary for better control while coiling?
  5. Carnifex

    Help with selecting wire

    So I'm relatively new to creating chain mail. I've made a chain mail glove and bracelet and my next project will be a chain mail shirt. I want to do a 4-1 pattern using stainless steel, 16 gauge, 1/2" dia. rings. My brother sent me a link for a site that had 16g wire and I bought 20ft just to see how well I could work with it since I started making chain mail with aluminum. The wire was high tensile (210ksi) galvanized wire. I bought a 1/2" metal rod from home depot and bent it into a mandrel for coiling the wire. i made a wire winding tool similar to the one here to see how well it works: http://home.earthlink.net/~bazillion/Coiler/index.html After my coil lost the tension from the coiling tool, it sprung back to a .610 dia and my coil was very loose. I commented on a video I found on youtube asking how to fix this. the poster said to either anneal the wire to reduce the spring back or coil it on a smaller mandrel to compensate for it. While searching for websites that sell stainless steel wire, I found one site that said they can sell wire in a temper "from soft to spring". I'm wondering if this means that if I use a soft tempered wire it wont spring back as much. I know I can get some stainless steel wire from TRL. im just doing some comparative shopping hoping to save some money on shipping costs. i would like to not have to buy another rod for coiling my wire also.