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    Airsoft Armor Chainmail Hood/Coif

    Well from all this excellent discussion I am thinking saftey enhanced, full paintball helmets are my best option, and some hockey equipment. Yes, twilightbanana, I want to change the rules. The chainmail was to be a back of the head, and neck/throat protection, with a fully certified paintball mask in place on the wearer roleplaying a zombie. But as lorenzo suggested, the lightest, safest, most cost effective chainmail available, is - added to the cost of what I'm presently able to get a full face-eyes-ears protecting paintball mask for - best spent on a full helmet for paintball, and upgrading it. So I guess I'll shoot at a paintball mask repeatedly, and decide if it holds up, or if I need to start applying bedliner and rubberizing the lens with a clear coating. And thanks for the words of caution, Milquetoast. I agree, for some reason their are people who think just because they aren't splattering paint everywhere like you do in paintball, airsoft is some kind of free-reign gun sport. It's just as dangerous in my opinion. Just the welts are smaller if you take a hard hit. This game would either be organized at an existing paintball establishment, or on my own relative's isolated rural property. Think a quarter section of land, like the middle of a field, or pasture, with small treed areas. Saftey's my number one concern. Only bio bbs will be allowed too, and if anyone is caught even aiming at wildlife, they'll be ejected. So I gather chainmail and afforability for safety isn't an equation that quite adds up for this project. Unless someone has an alternative idea or how it could work?
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    Airsoft Armor Chainmail Hood/Coif

    Thanks for the reply Milquetoast. I don't know if you read my original reply, but I've re-read your FPS question to ask if in close quarters combat, if head shots count. I'm building this airsoft armor chainmail as a saftey device for my own zombie game. A head shot to a zombie will be the only hit that counts as an elimination hit. I see your point with chainmail and impact transfer. Now that you mentioned it, padded head gear is suppose to be woren beneath maile from everything I've ever read in the history books. Same situation with a steel helmet ringing I suppose. The rubber rings should offer a unique property versus metal, don't you think? I don't want people sweating from being a walking pillow, but if people have to wear bubble wrap helmets over Value Village T-shirt masks, under chainmail, with $0.10 kitchen sponges, soaked in icewater, in Ziplok bags for comfort, ALL to make a cost effective, safe head shot possible - then those will be the rules. There are full head paintball helmets, but the more universal fit, and diy manufactoring of a chainmail hood seems a cost effective avenue worth exploring at this moment in time. A paintball mask will probably be needed. This chainmail will protect one's back of there head. Thanks again for any more advice.
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    Airsoft Armor Chainmail Hood/Coif

    I appreciate everyone's help in advance. Just so you know my skill level, I have no personal experiance with chainmail but I seen my brother build a coif out of steel wire, hence the idea. If I don't quite understand what you mean in any suggestions, I'll ask. I guess I really need to know 4 things: (1) the most cost effective material to produce this project, (2) what weave, (3) how to calculate cost (4) url to any diy tutorial(s) you see best. Thank you! This is the already suggested weave: a tight one, like E6-1 Here's what I can tell you: What would you like to make?: chainmail head armor hood (coif ) What do you plan on using the finished product for?: Airsoft Armor for zombie role players at risk of close quarter hits. Note: An impact proof paintball mask could be used for eye protection and the front of ones face. I am not a fan of the mesh goggles sold for airsoft. This chainmail hood I envision is a means to protect the necks, and back of peoples heads, without the weight and shape of a helmet. A custom design where impact proof saftey goggles are woren and the chainmail hood covers the face and mouth of wearer is also feasible. How Important is strength?:Very Important. Will be used in active combat. As light and strong as possible, non-allergic, washable to share as rental and loan pieces How Important is cost?: Quality and Price are both important, if it works great I will be needing many more. What is your prefered material?: Based on the information on RingLord I am guessing Rubber and/or Plastic but whatever you suggest How much time are you willing to spend on your project?: Lots! I must figure out a work routine to make many pieces if the prototype is successful. What type of weave are you planning on using?: Unknown, whatever you suggest. A tight one, like E6-1 has been suggested by the great people at TheRingLord. Makes sense too. 0.20gram, 6mm bbs will be used and the odd one may make it through a looser weave. Thank you!