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    Toddler Armor

    Small scale piece on my 2-year old. He wore it for like 6 hours, had to fight it off him.
  2. Morgoran

    New Projects

    The mirror finish scales hang really well from Byz, especially in the metallics like seafoam and black ice.
  3. Morgoran

    Scale Butterflies

    Thank you, I typically make a pair as earrings, they sell really well.
  4. Morgoran

    Scale Butterflies

    Small scales, 16ga 5/16 and 18ga 3/16 rings.
  5. Morgoran

    Craft Show inventory

    Collection is kind of what I was envisioning, with copper, AA and Stainless each in their own styles and colors. My layout keeps the EC and AA next to each other on the table for easier color comparisson, with Stainless on the facing table. I'll be trying it out at my second show coming up a week from Saturday.
  6. Morgoran

    Material for Women's chain top

    No biggie, just hope I don't get caught, Thanks for the info!
  7. Morgoran

    Material for Women's chain top

    Yeah, like that top, but with more length at the bottom. Umm... if you could... when offering links maybe a quick disclaimer about the content, I was a little shocked by the first picture that loaded, (I'm at work)
  8. Morgoran

    Material for Women's chain top

    Yeah, it would be a bra type top, but full length after the bra part. I don't know how best to describe it, more like a feature hugging shirt than a bra. Ugh... Women's fashion terms elude me, I don't actually look at their clothes on the racks and what not... The articles you pointed out will help, thank you. I just hope I can get the top done by next weekend...
  9. I'm looking to make a top for my wife, but I need a little help choosing the materials to make it out of. I have the bottom of the shirt already, its a part of a hauberk I made and no longer need, its 14Ga 3/8 BA. I know that the top will need to provide support, so I was thinking stainless, but the color really doesn't blend with BA. Would BA work in the 14Ga if I use 6 in 1 for the underwire? Or will it be too weak? She is quite well endowed, so it will need to be able to support her well.
  10. Morgoran

    Craft Show inventory

    For my first real show, this one went very well. We about broke even for everything we purchased, all the rings, the booth fee, insurance and all the displays for the booth. I ended up building my own earring rack and painting it with a metallic paint (oil rubbed bronze) which made it near black, but with a faint metallic undertone that aided in the shine of the whole display. I placed a completed stainless hauberk on a stand in front of the booth as my conversation piece to bring people in, worked wonders. As far as sales, I sold more bracelets than anything else. Everyone was doing earrings, all the beaders, wire wrappers and what-not were all selling earrings. I had to drop my price way down just to move any, but not too low that it affect my total margin. I also moved about half of my necklaces. So for my next show, I'm curious as to how everyone displays their different metals. Do you just mix them in or do you have separate stands for each of the metals? I'm thinking of doing separate stands for AA, Copper, and Stainless. Eventually I'd also add a precious metal display, once I can afford to get into the silver and gold market.
  11. Morgoran

    Craft Show inventory

    I do have a 10x10 space, so I think your layout will probably be similar to what I'm thinking, though my tables are 24X60, so I'll only have 4 of them. Can you pop up some pictures? I'm thinking of assembling my own as well. I was planning on doing this as well, I can see the draw to actually watching someone make the goods. I'm thinking that I'll be making around 200 pairs of earrings as a minimum, and probably 40 bracelets at least, more if I can. I'm betting that necklaces are probably going to just take up space for the most part as they will be the most expensive to cover the cost of making them, so probably 10-15 of these. I unfortunately will not be able to afford any precious metals for this show, I'm just getting started so I have no front money for that kind of supply, its all tied up in the cheap stuff. I like the armored teddy bears, if I though I could get away with selling them I would. thanks for all the info!
  12. Morgoran

    Craft Show inventory

    So I finally got into a big craft show... hooray! Only now I'm dreading the logistics. The show boasts 21k in attendance annually, with last year hitting 34k. The biggest show I have done had 3k visitors and only about 20-30 actually browsed through my stuff, lots stopped, but no one really looked or tried anything on. So I way overprepared and had tons of inventory just sitting around for almost a year. So now the question, how much do you make for big-ish shows? This will be a wide demographic, think state fair without the rides. I was thinking around 100 pairs of earrings, as they are the cheapest and probably will sell the fastest, 30-40 bracelets, 20-25 Necklaces, wrapped pendants and gemstones (about 20), 10 dice bags, and 10 hackey sacks. Plus some unique pieces of nicer metals to oogle. Most of my stuff is in AA, since it is the least expensive to start on with a good variety of colors, with some EC and plain copper. And since I'm on booth topics, I would like to have a really nice earring rack, my last one was basically a chain with the earrings hooked into it. What does everyone use? I found nice velveteen neck and bracelet models, at Wal Mart of all places, but I have nothing for earrings.
  13. Morgoran

    Aluminum vs. Copper for colour

    I make my dice bags with HUGE rings compared to the 20ga 1/8, I use a 16ga 3/8 ring primarily, or 14ga 3/8 sometimes, since it allows me to make a bag with the fewest rings and still get a cool chain look, it is also very open so you can see the dice inside, some people are proud of their dice collections and like to show them off. Most people that buy my bags complain about the price as it is, I couldn't imagine what I would have to charge labor wise in a 20ga 1/8 ring.
  14. This is a piece I made for a wedding gift, sold for $35
  15. Morgoran

    Who have you inspired?

    Haven't inspired anyone to actually mail, but my boss is inspired to come up with projects for me. He has asked for numerous special projects, including the newest one, a set of shoelaces!