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  1. Coldfire Customs

    Byzantine Purple AA and Stainless

    Lovely! I love byzantine in that size. -Mikaela
  2. Coldfire Customs

    WTB 16g 5/16" black and white EPDM

    We did see that, and did actually test out the weaves we're doing with some spare 16g 1/4" last night, but unfortunately, most of them are just too tight. 1 of 4 will work, but the rest, unfortunately, are a no-go. Thanks so much for the idea, though! <3
  3. Coldfire Customs

    Award Winning Necklace - with sizes

    I don't have this particular magazine, and I don't know any of the background of this particular piece, but I know that often when someone submits a piece (and very often when they submit a tutorial), someone working at the publication will make the piece (from the instructions) and then use it for the photos. It may very well have been someone inexperienced in the fine art of perfect ring closures that made the photographed piece. Not trying to defend, and again, I don't know the story, just sayin'... Cheers, Mikaela
  4. Coldfire Customs

    WTB 16g 5/16" black and white EPDM

    Hey all! We're trying to prep for our very first show (Eep! Scary!) and are in need of lots of 16g 5/16" black EPDM. Would love some white, too, but that's less important than the black. In total, we'd probably need anywhere from 7,000-12,000 (not sure what my other half needs), but we'll take anything to hold us over until TRL is restocked. Our show is mid-May and we need all the time we have to get stuff done. Cheers, and thanks in advance to anyone who might have even a few to spare!
  5. Coldfire Customs

    16 5/16 rubber

    If Bill doesn't snag them all, we'd be more than willing to buy any/all off of you as well. And white ones if you happen to have them. (Cue show prep panic mode.)