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    Guide on Tumbling

    Salt and acid for the tarnishing? Ah. I was dealing with second-hand information from one of the threads a couple weeks ago. If you meant for the polishing, you don't need salt at all. I've done it many a time with my copper chains. Just swish it around in lemon juice for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then wash it with soap and water.
  2. Jax25

    What kind of armour is this?

    Hehe, I saw the sleeves and at once went KNIT!! There are so many movies (especially from the 80s) that use knitted "mail." It's entertaining to spot them.
  3. Jax25

    Trying to do an inlay of my dogs

    The pattern on the bandana might be hard to do in the inlay, but that's a great picture!
  4. Jax25

    Captive Zen Sheet Bracelet

    For me, I'd price it more in the $60 range because it is a base metal, after all. I dunno. I've heard people to say price high...and I could see the attraction of pricing it at $80 and then offering it on "sale" for $60-65. Other than that, good luck on selling at Etsy. I've given up on them and their hyper tolerance of people reselling "made in China" crap. Not that THAT makes a lot of difference for maillers since our items are obviously hand made - but it lowers the tone of the whole enterprise, imho. There's also the slew of maille on there already, as Milquetoast already pointed out.
  5. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    Also, seems like nobody mentioned that for copper alloys (bronze, brass, etc) you can shine them right up with lemon juice or other weak acids (some people even use ketchup). Just make sure that you wash it off afterward and don't let it sit in there for too long. We established in a thread not long ago that if you leave brass in for too long it will actually tarnish.
  6. Jax25

    My Dragonfly.

    That is awesome! I want to make one now. Hehe.
  7. Jax25

    blue and gold

    Very pretty! Love the colors.
  8. Jax25

    Help!!!! Chainmail hat

    Hmm. Never tried either, of course, but I think a baseball cap style would be easier. Basically you could get by with making the top part of a coif and then adding a bill made of a very tight, structural weave...I'm thinking a Japanese weave. Maybe 12-2? I'm sure there are plenty of other weaves that would work as well in small AR and proper wire diameter. Sizes would be determined by what weaves you chose. If you want to use rubber rings that limits your choices more.
  9. Jax25

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    Hehe, except that you still have to pay a monthly fee....
  10. Jax25

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    You might want to try Weebly for that. I've had a pretty good experience with them so far (except for having some error issues when i try to upload photos on my home computer). Their sites are good for free sites and interface is easy to use. It even lets you set up a basic storefront and will either host a blog for you or let you link to one you have on another site - like blogspot for instance. It's a bit more work than just slapping things up on Etsy but then, to me, it looks more professional too....and you don't have to worry about the listing fees and ongoing jockeying for audience among all of the rest of the rabble.
  11. Jax25

    Dyeing TRL's engineered plastic rings

    Bwahahaa GtM! Maybe I'm going to die after I weave. Ever think of that? But yes, I did mean dyeing.
  12. Jax25

    mixing fine silver with nobium?

    If you're planning on making it out of fine silver, you shouldn't worry overmuch about tarnish, imho. It doesn't tarnish like sterling does. For that reason I have never had to try detarnishing my silver/niobium pieces. Maybe if one of these years I do see some tarnish on my fine silver, I'll let you know. As for ring sizes for byz, my fav AR is right on 3.5 so yeah. ETA: black niobioum, as stated on trl's page is NOT anodized...so I don't think we should jump to compare it with anodized niobium without first-hand experience.
  13. Jax25

    Internal framed pendant

  14. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    You've heard that I use something other than a rotary? Well, I can't say where you've heard that because I don't.
  15. Jax25

    To Etsy, or not to Etsy, that is the question

    I happened to be on Regretsy today (I found a listing on ebay that counted as "Not even remotely Steampunk" and wanted to share) and I stumbled upon this forum topic: http://forums.regretsy.com/topic.php?id=38336 You have to be a member to read the forums, but it's an entertaining and informative sort of place. This thread in particular is a lot of people sharing why Etsy is not cool these days. This is my favourite quote from one of the comments: "The anger grew. What the hell was I up against? I just wanted to sell my jewelry, and suddenly I was battling a seven-headed hydra spewing hot glue and stupidity." Now that all my etsy listing have expired, I'm thinking about moving on.
  16. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    Loose rings does, yeah. I got a few pounds of floor sweepings from TRL last year and tumbled them without media (after picking out all the anodized bits) and everything came out very shiny.
  17. Jax25

    Importing from overseas

    Definitely by the broker. But then again, my love for brokers is non-existant. Email away!
  18. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    Rotary, of course. As I've said repeatedly, the only tumbler I own and have ever used is a rotary tumbler. As for a cloth and brasso, too much work for thousands of rings when I can just throw them in the tumbler.
  19. Jax25

    other hobbies

    Yeah, my dad was one of those that had to run out and buy a new rifle "while he still could." The gun manufacturers are really the ones that profit most when things like that happen because of the hordes that run out to grab the guns while the grabbing is good.
  20. Jax25

    Conventions (Goers and Planners)

    Gosh, you're going to run the vending AND vend? Then yeah, definitely get help.
  21. Jax25

    welded rings at TRL

    Yes, but were the closures tight? Just kidding!!
  22. Jax25

    Storage on the Go

    Pretty hard to stick a bin in your coat pocket though isn't it?
  23. Jax25

    Border for J4-1 inlay?

    Or you can add a second layer of rings. That stabilizes the weave considerably.
  24. Jax25

    Hand Sawing?

    I can't say that I've ever saw cut rings by hand, but I think most folks who do have a vice, coil guide or something set up to hold the coils. http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.php?oldkey=23142 is one article over on MAIL. I'm sure you could probably find some more advice there and here with some searching. Good luck!
  25. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    Not true. I've used rice on tarnished brass, copper and bronze and it has made them all as shiny as new. Of course it won't work on stainless. To think so is just silly. I still have yet to see any deburring from steel discs...and believe me, I've tried.