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  1. Jax25

    Trying to do an inlay of my dogs

    Aw bless her. She looks a lot like my white merle aussie mix...they have the same eyes and the same nose.
  2. Jax25

    Importing from overseas

    Is there any wood packing materials in your shipments knuut? If so, that would be the reason you're getting a fumigation fee. If not, you're probably just getting ripped off.
  3. Jax25

    Cord lock/stop ideas

    I've seen people use leather thongs with a pony bead to close their bags. ...as long as you can find metal pony beads instead of plastic...otherwise it won't look any more historical than a cord lock.
  4. Jax25

    Guide on Tumbling

    Hehe, good luck with that.
  5. Jax25

    Bent nose pliers?

    Yeah, that's not something I need. I pretty much use my bent nosed these days for speed opening piles of rings...and the occasional place where I need a bit more leverage than my little flat noses give me.
  6. Jax25

    Suggestions on adding padding to pliers

    This is the one that was lurking in my mind: http://www.mailleartisans.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=17048&highlight=padding+pliers+tshirt It's a low-cost option that you might want to consider trying.
  7. Jax25

    Bent nose pliers?

    Wow, I don't think I'd like those. Too narrow in the body for what I use them for. So thanks for the pics, Kat. Now I know what my next set of pliers WON'T be. Hehe.
  8. Jax25

    Importing from overseas

    Actually, you would be surprised at the things we DON'T check. By the way, we don't check outgoing packages, just incoming (into the States)....so if the wait times are from the US to Canada, that's your customs, not mine.
  9. And hey, some of us have the ability to wait for a sale. I'm not going to give my things away otherwise, why charge at all? That said, I'm not fond of overpricing either but I WILL charge a fair price for my labor.
  10. Jax25

    Importing from overseas

    I third the long wait times...and I refuse to buy anything that has to do with electronics from China/HK because they are utter crap...but I've gotten findings off ebay several times and most of them are good. I did have one slide clasp that was gold plated and the plating was messed up, but the seller refunded it with no problem. I haven't had to pay custom's fees, but I live in the US (and I work for customs, lol) so take that with a grain of salt.
  11. Jax25

    other hobbies

    haha, I looked at the target before I read the answer what it was and at first it DID look like a cupcake...but then I figured out from the general shape that it was Hello Kitty. And I was right! Yay! I miss living in the country where I could just shoot whenever I wanted, no range required. For some reason going to an actual gun range intimidates me. I have no idea why this is, but it does.
  12. Jax25

    Any gardeners?

    Hehe. I'm hoping to not have to resort to paintbrush sexy times. I honestly don't know how many pollinators I had around the last couple years. My back patio was fenced but I did see bees in there from time to time. Hopefully with the much bigger yard and larger variety of plants, I'll do fine on that front. Why oh why would you keep stinging nettles? I freaking hate those things!!
  13. Jax25

    Bent nose pliers?

    I kinda like Photobucket myself...though they went through not long ago and redid the look of their site, which I'm not fond of.
  14. Jax25

    Bent nose pliers?

    I think that's very possibly so. The only springs I've broken thus far were on my cheapo flat nosed ones from Orchard Supply Hardware. They had very cheapo springs... though they did last several years before they broke...and the reason they broke was because they were slipping out of alignment and I was trying to "encourage" them back in with my other set of pliers. They did not take encouragement well. LOL!
  15. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    Apparently so, I guess. I asked a gal selling maille there in 2011 and she said $500. Of course, it could have gone up since then. Ain't no way I'd spend $1500 for a booth. LOL.
  16. Jax25

    JPL question

    *shrugs* Works in BA. I've got a little chain of it on my desk right now.
  17. Jax25

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    That's what she said.
  18. Jax25

    JPL question

    If you're getting saw cut BA from TRL, 18 ga 1/8" works fabulously.
  19. Jax25

    Need Constructive Criticism on my first Byzantine Chain

    I'm like madd...I use my bent nosed points up probably 99.9% of the time. I used to turn them so that the points were more sideways straight toward the ring when I needed a better grip to hold something...but now I use my thin flat nosed for that. However, if you try them out and point down works better for you, go for it.
  20. Jax25

    Bent nose pliers?

    I actually like the beadalons and haven't broken a pair yet....but maybe you're a bit harder on pliers than I am. The ones I use all the time are cheap ones from Orchard Supply Hardware out in California (you can see the profile of them in that other discussion thread where I posted pictures of my four "everyday" pliers the other day). They have a very distinct bend in them though and don't taper to a fine point...because I've never needed them to. I don't use the points of my bent nosed pliers for the most part. If the Xurons don't work out for you, I'd suggest looking at Rio Grande. They have a LOT of different pliers.
  21. Apparently these are the only three pictures I actually took of the dealers room/artists alley areas. I could have sworn I had more. Their dealers and signing guests were all just in one big room that seemed to be loosely split into three zones. They mostly had the comic/action figure/"stuff" resellers on one side of the room and wrapping into the middle, the Guests of Honor signing tables in the center area and the artists alley/artisan crafter type people (what few of the latter there were) on the other side. And I'm sure you're probably not the only mailler in the PDX area that knows about Comic Con, first year or not (heck, I knew about it...but I'm also on WW's mailing list having attended one last year), though I have found in the grand scheme of things comic cons don't seem to be big draws for people selling maille. Even DragonCon, which is HUGE, only has a handful each year. They might limit how many they take too though. I saw a couple in the dealer's room last year and 1 in the artist's alley. The cost has been far too prohibitive for me to even think about doing it - and frankly I have way too much fun going to panels and parties to seriously want to sell there.
  22. Jax25

    Laser Etched Scale Flower

    Love it!
  23. As I said elsewhere, I went to WWCC at Philly last year. I don't think I saw a single person selling maille...and not very many people selling jewelryish stuff at all. There were a couple cosumers/leathercraft sort of folks. It is pretty much a comic con rather than the other sort of fantasy-esque cons...so there was a lot of art, some fan groups, TONS of comics and tshirts, action figures, etc. A little bit of gaming things...again not as much. I don't know, Portland might attract a bit different group, but I think it should be similar. I never did go to any cons in Portland since it was about a 45 minute drive from where I lived. I think I have a couple pics of the dealer's room from Philly CC and I'm about to head home for the day, so I'll see about throwing them up here when I get there, if you'd like.
  24. Jax25

    Any gardeners?

    I'd been living in an apartment the last 4 years or so (prior to buying my house in July) and I had a small container garden on my patio that has been moderately successful - moreso when I lived in California than it has been since I moved to Virginia. Tomatoes and herbs have done great...squash grew pretty plants but never set on fruit. I think they were attacked pretty heavily by ants though. We seem to have an inordinate amount of the critters here for some reason. This year I have a yard so I'm hoping to put in raised beds and grow a larger variety of things. Of course, I'll have to fence it off to keep the dogs out of it. I adopted one in September that pretty much ate my tomato plants right after she arrived (yes, I know they're poisonous....they didn't seem to phase her). I also hope to add a fruit tree or two. My mandarin tree has become an indoor fixture - and my mom almost killed it moving it from the west coast, so it is slowly recovering. I need to get it some new citrus food though. I'm hoping it might fruit again next year.
  25. Jax25

    Conventions (Goers and Planners)

    Hmmm. Any advice huh? Have lots of vendors! With lots of pretties to buy! Is that good enough for you? *grin* Uhh. Yeah, as a person who has gone to cons but not sold at them, I don't have enough experience to say anything other than that. Oh, and don't make table fees too high. Oh, and don't clump all the maillers (if there are more than one) together. That's bad juju.