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    I remember this busier.

    I think the topic has shown that some of the old crew are still around, they're just not as vocal here. Personally, I mostly left TRL for a couple years because there was a certain user over here that I couldn't stand. As a result I became much more active on MAIL. *shrug* Folks will come and go. More of the old guard do seem to be more active at MAIL. I can't speak of the other sites with forums because I'm not a member of them. Truly the only reason I spend so much time on the forums is because I have a lot of downtime at work and they're among the very few sites I can go to that aren't blocked by the filters (yet).
  2. Jax25

    Conventions (Goers and Planners)

    Well, I've been to cons as an attendee...what do you want to know specifically? As for running them, nope, never have...though I'm volunteering at a con-ish thing (it's a mash up of con/ren faire/fetish event/musical performance/gaming thing) next month so that should be entertaining.
  3. Jax25

    5556 Aluminum Wire?

    Hey Jon or Bernice, I ended up with some 5556 alloy 18 ga BA wire from you guys once and I loved it. Is that something you guys could/would sell on request? I'm having a bit of trouble tracking some down locally or online. I see several manufacturers that produce it but not having much luck with finding distrubutors. Thanks!
  4. Jax25

    5556 Aluminum Wire?

    Well, the difference I noted was that 5556 takes a shine better. No worries. I'll keep trying to source it locally.
  5. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    Hey Lysenis, if you don't mind me asking, how much is the table fee at WWCC? I went to their Philly con last year and had a great time. Might consider doing a booth in future it it isn't too cost prohibitive. I know DragonCon is about $500 for the weekend...but then again, it's about 10 times bigger than the Wizard World cons. :-P
  6. Jax25

    Need Constructive Criticism on my first Byzantine Chain

    I have mixed feelings about the Lindstroms. I didn't pay full price for them because I got them used from a gal who was selling off her jewelry business. When I got them, I almost resold them because of the handles. They are plastic, with a plastic spring, which to me feels cheap. I happened to look them up on Rio Grande the other week so that I could link them in another forum thread and their page said that the handles were "Resin composite grips help dissipate static"....I can't say that I need to dissipate static while mailling, but if that's the reason that they're made of plastic, then ok. I still prefer metal handles. As I've used the pliers more, however, I've come to like them. The handles -are- comfortable and the spring works well enough. The best part is definitely the tip. It tapers in just the right way to really get into places. I've found them to be great for working 18SWG metals all the way down to 24AWG. I don't think I've used them for something as thick as 16SWG though...as I prefer the better power and leverage (which are possibly the same thing??) of my bent chain nosed. Of course, I should also note that all of this is referring to softer metals and not stainless steel, Ti and the like. I do work 20AWG stainless steel with these and have no problems but I use pliers with teeth for 18SWG and thicker. Now on the question of whether they're worth the price tag...that's really a question I can't answer. It's definitely a matter of preference. I am a pretty frugal person and it actually pains me to pay more than $10 for any pair of pliers - and in fact the Linstroms are the only pair of my 25+ pairs of pliers that I have paid more than $10 for - but the ergo handle does make my arthritic hands hurt less so it is probably worth it. I would say that if you found a pair of used ones for a good price (like I did) you should at least give them a shot. Or you can make a road trip up to SE Virginia and try mine out.
  7. Jax25

    Dyeing TRL's engineered plastic rings

    The thing I'd worry about, if dying after weaving, would be an inconsistent dye or the dye not taking in all the little crevices. I still need to get some of the rings to play with. It sucks being broke.
  8. They can be dyed?? Awesome!!
  9. Jax25

    Need Constructive Criticism on my first Byzantine Chain

    Was sitting here at my desk and thought I'd give a pictoral of what I use most often in the way of pliers. The big pair on the left are new. The wide flat nosed pliers I had previously matched the bent nosed pair on the right and the spring broke a couple weeks ago so I got the "big blues" from Rio Grande last week and I like them thus far. I have noticed a slight ring marring from them though so I'm going to have to remember to buff the edges when I'm home one day. With the project I'm currently working on, slight ring marring doesn't matter. :-P As an aside, I give a cat hiss whenever I hear of people using the nylon jawed pliers. I personally think they're rubbish and a crutch used to keep from learning the right pressure to hold your rings with to keep from marking them...but I know I'll piss some people off by saying it. C'est la vie. And the tips. From left to right - wide flat nosed, Lindstrom RX7490 (most excellent for working in tight spaces), thin flat nosed and bent chain nosed: Of course, the only one with ergo handles are the Lindstroms but you should be able to find similar with ergo handles. If not, wrapping them in padding is always an option. I know one mailler over on MAIL that uses old t-shirts to wrap his pliers and other folks have used foam from the hardware store (like they use to insulate pipes). Now on the subject of tumblers....there have been SCADS of forum topics, both on here and on MAIL, about tumblers, tumbling and media. Here's a bit of basic info though. I'll leave the rest for you to search on. There are basically two types: vibratory and rotary. I can't say much about vibratory tumblers as I've never used one but as I recall, they are better and faster at polishing - but they're more expensive. Rotary are better at deburring and are cheaper. That's not to say that they don't polish though, because they do. I have a cheapo rotary from Harbor Freight and it has been doing great for several years now. If you don't forsee having to do a lot of heavy deburring and hubby is willing to splurge on your gift, I think I'd ask for a vibratory tumbler. I know that it's been on my "want" list for several years now. I just haven't budgeted for one because there's always something else shiny that I want...like pliers and storage boxes. LOL! As for media, that is like pliers...everyone has their favourite and people very rarely seem to agree on what is "best." Myself, I generally use rice for soft metals and stainless steel shot for stainless and (non-anodized) Titanium. I have found though, if I have enough stainless steel rings, I just throw them all in the tumbler by themselves and tumble them without a media. It cuts down on the weight and I've had perfect results thus far. However, everything I've tumbled that way were 16+ SWG rings in larger diameters (5/16", 3/8", etc) so it might not work as well with a bunch of small rings. I'll have to test that out someday.
  10. Jax25

    Anyone made JPL in Sterling with TRL rings?

    I've only made JPL in BA and in that instance it was 18 ga (1.2mm wire) 1/8" and that made the perfect JPL. Aluminum does have a bit more springback than EC though...since EC is so dang soft. That's likely the problem. I'm half tempted to go cut some silver when I get home tonight to try it out and see. I've got some fine silver wire that has been living in my tool box. It still might not translate to sterling though since in my experience fine silver is softer.
  11. Jax25

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    Wah wah wah. IGP is how old now??? It's been around the entire 7 years I've been mailling, I know. Tablets didn't exist then.
  12. Jax25

    Using maille to repair a pipe

    Yeah, that could become an issue. Epoxy it in place, perhaps?
  13. Jax25

    Need Constructive Criticism on my first Byzantine Chain

    If you come near my pliers, I will be forced to hurt you. Not necessarily true. I work routinely in 20-22 awg and haven't used my chain nose in probably 4 years. I have two pair of narrow flat nose that can do anything a chain nose can do and do it better.
  14. Jax25

    ringlord rings

    Now if only you could do non-flat rings.... But still awesome!
  15. As a heads up for folks who like the Really Useful Boxes, AC Moore has a 16 pack of the 0.14 Litre on sale right now.

    1. Katlee


      No fair, we lost our AC Moore. :P

    2. Jax25


      Bummer. I went ahead and picked up a set. I'm always one for more storage. :) $12.88 for 16 was a good price.

    3. Katlee


      It's a very good price! So jealous! I need at least one more, if not two! heh

  16. Jax25

    Need Constructive Criticism on my first Byzantine Chain

    On the topic of saw cut, I used to be a bit snobbish about it with the softer metals but never gave up on getting machine cut rings in stainless steel because they are so much cheaper. To be honest, when I'm not cutting my own rings, I almost actually prefer machine cut. Why? Because it is very easy to get burrs on the saw cut rings that don't allow you to close them properly and can be a bit challenging to tumble off. You don't get that with the machine cut, you just get the indentation on the one side. And I also think that your closures look great with the rings you're using, so keep at it. Now as to pliers...as other folks have said, use toothless pliers unless you're working in steel or titanium. I'm not sure what style of pliers you have now, but flat nosed pliers (what some folks call duckbill pliers) are a God send! I used to use two pairs of chain nosed and I was slipping all over the place. Then I switched to one chain and one bent nosed (in dominant hand) and that helped a bit. THEN I got flat nosed and it was like a beam of light shone down and angels were singing. I hardly slip any more unless I'm working on very tight weaves with small clearances. I have both wide flat nosed and narrow ones that let me get in places where the wider ones don't work and I mix and match as needed. You can find basic pliers pretty cheap so I'd advocate trying out a couple and see what works best for you. I think I have about 20-25 pairs of pliers now and I'm always adding more. Hehe.
  17. Jax25

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    Yet another reason why netbooks beat tablets. Muahaha.
  18. Jax25

    Another Etsy Name thread....

    Heh. I can't really help much. My shop is called the Wolf Bard's Den and for everything business related I'm thewolfbard....mainly because when I was looking at domains www.wolfbard.com was taken by a placeholder page so I had to become www.thewolfbard.com. I let my shop lapse for a couple of years and by happy chance when I came back www.wolfbard.com had opened back up so I snatched it. Good luck in the naming. It sucks, I know.
  19. Jax25

    Just starting out...

    This wasn't "dirty" aluminum...5356 is an alloy of "bright" aluminum. This particular spool was just a bit less "bright." I washed them by hand with hot water and blue dawn (as I do all my rings to get the oil off that I use for lube) and then dried them and put them in a sock. Then into the dryer they went. I got a bit of ruboff on the sock but not as much as I would have expected. *shrugs* I have much better methods available anyway, just thought I'd give it a go.
  20. Jax25

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    *giggles at unobtanium*
  21. Jax25

    Just starting out...

    I do believe they were 18 3/16". I got a spool of 5356 aluminum from TRL that was dirtier than usual so I wanted to see if the dryer method would get them shiny because my rice wasn't doing very well. It didn't get it any better, and in fact a bit duller. I need to find my stainless shot to really give it ago. It went missing when I moved to my house...but I have a lot of boxes still to go through.
  22. Jax25

    Bike Part Jewelry J4-1 Bra and Skirt

    Oh, this is the one you were working on? It turned out really great!