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    Just starting out...

    1. AHhhhhh, it's from a book that this comes. Ok, I need to find the author of the book and bop them on the head. The maille nomenclature usually goes by x number of rings through y. So european 4-in-1 has four rings passing through a single ring. Likewise, Japanese 12-in-2 has 12 small rings that connect to two larger ones. Your chain of rings is actually a 4-by-2 or a 4-in-2. It would only be 2-by-2 if it were a single unit of 4 rings. Once you expand it outward, there are 4 rings passing through each 2 other rings. Hope that makes sense. If you look any of those up on MAIL, however, you won't find them in the weave database. Why? Because 4-in-2 chain is a kinged variant of a simple 2-in-1 chain - which is in the database. Kinging just means that all of the rings are doubled. 2. Now, as for the sharp edges on the anodized rings, I'm afraid you're a bit out of luck. If you used abrasive media to wear off the burrs, you'd probably also really mess up the finish of your anodized rings. As a long time mailler told me not very long ago, the best way to get rid of burrs is not to get them in the first place. Not sure what ring supplier you're using but you may want to shop around. I do know that I've had a bit of burr issues with TRL's rings in the past but it's kind of a spotty thing. Most are fine but then I'll get a batch that is not so good. 3. Clothes dryer (sorry, I have a bad habit of typing drier...), as Kat answered above. I tested it with about 3 ounces of bright aluminum rings that I cut the other week and as I said above, I didn't have as good a result as I would with a tumbler so I think I'll be sticking with my tumbler.
  2. Jax25

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    I've found that if I'm just stitching up the tube of euro with one row of rings, the corners don't look too bad. If I try to go out a couple of rows to make the bottom broader, that's where the trouble comes in. I've just had to play with it until it looked decent. Still, I make most of my dicebags with the coif style and reserve the other kind for actual purses.
  3. Jax25

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    Pretty sure you're thinking of Dr. T there. He is the king of the split ring shirt.
  4. Jax25

    Just starting out...

    I wish I knew why people started calling 4-in-2 chain 2x2 or 2-in-2...which are both misnomers. Other than that, it looks like you have a great start, mrstrucker. As for tumbling, you probably don't want to tumble the anodized. I've heard folks who say it holds up pretty well, but you're not going to accomplish much by tumbling them. For actual deburring, you'd need some form of abrasive media. Tumbling with stainless shot burnishes but doesn't really do a very good job of deburring in my experience. For soft metals, tumbling with rice or walnut shells works well and makes things nice and shiny. Then there are several folks around here who use their driers for tumbling. I did it recently and my rings turned out duller than tumbling in my rotary tumbler with rice so your mileage may vary. It's probably the least expensive way though.
  5. Jax25

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    No. It's just a tube of E-4 (or in the case of the picture I showed above, E-6) with the bottom sewn up. I suppose you could think of it as 3/4 of a box chain...but really it's just joining the edge of the euro. To add: You can actually make the bottom wider than one ring as well by adding a row on each side and then stitching them up. The thing to remember about that is that you need some rings to plug the holes at the corners.
  6. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    Even without shipping charges, TRL is - as calisandra pointed out - cheaper with the discounts. For the sake of my calculations I wasn't figuring in the discounts...because I like to compare things without relying on quantity discounts even though I almost never buy anything from TRL without spending at least $100.
  7. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    The ones for $83/10k were buna, not EPDM. I'm not sure what the difference is. I'm sure someone who is knowledgable in O-rings could explain it. I looked up the EPDM ones in the equivalent of 16 ga 5/16" and they were about $142 per 15k.
  8. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    I liked the glow rings...but they were expensive. AND I had an extraordinary number of them break when I was working with them...so that was a bit of a downer.
  9. Jax25

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    Well, you have the coif type of bag that almost everyone makes. Then there is one that is shaped more like a purse such as the one I have on MAIL: http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/gallerydisplay.php?key=7192 I tried to make a dice bag out of 18 SWG 5/32" rings because it had an inlay in it and it was way too tight to make a coif style bag from...so it turned it into one like the link.
  10. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    I saw that too...but then I did the math and it is only a miniscule amount (Like 0.1 cent per ring) cheaper than TRL for the black rings and decided for that it's not worth spending $142 plus S/H.
  11. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    I meant 16 SWG 5/16" for all of them. I don't think it would take a super amount of time more than 14 ga 3/8".
  12. Jax25

    Aluminum / Rubber Shirt

    If it's just for costume use, why not use the 16 g 5/16" rings that they do sell?
  13. Jax25

    need help choosing suitable rings for E4in1 dice bag

    Very true, Konstantin...though it brings up the question of what sort of dice bag coffeeadict is aiming to make. If he is intending to make a coif-style bag, there comes an AR point where that doesn't work and he'd have to make it more purse shaped.
  14. Jax25

    Using maille to repair a pipe

    Make two bands of maille as anchor points and wire wrap between them perhaps?
  15. Jax25

    What to do with a fairly inflexible piece of CCC

    It's just that I work for the government so the filters are like uber protective. It classifies her page as "social networking." Um. Ok.
  16. Jax25

    What to do with a fairly inflexible piece of CCC

    GAH! I have yet to figure out why the filter here at work won't let me go to Corvus' page. *shakes fist* *sighs*
  17. Jax25

    kits or bag of rings?

    While we're on the subject of packaging, I just wanted to bring something to the attention of the folks at TRL. I got a bunch of saw cut BA rings not long ago and received them in the "caterpillar" as Kim calls it...which is fine, but I ordered a spectrum of sizes and none of the packaging was marked with what size was contained within each compartment. It wasn't such a big deal for me because I own calipers but in future you might think about at least writing sizes on the packaging for newbies and folks without access to calipers.
  18. Jax25

    Floor sweepings

    If the rings are a dullish color, light and hard to move, they could be Ti.
  19. Jax25

    My Firt works

    I find the thing with JPL is getting the AR just right. One you get that, it's a breeze.
  20. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    Oh. Hah. I didn't even read the article. I'm pretty sure vinegar cleans brass. I know for a fact that lemon juice does. If I wanted to age copper/brass/etc in a rapid method, I'd use liver of sulfur anyway.
  21. Jax25

    Hey just looking for insight!

    I presume by a rock tumbler you mean a rotary tumbler? If so, yes, that's pretty much what we're talking about here. I have a rotary that I've been using for years now to polish my rings. Rice works great on aluminum, brass, copper, etc. You just have to tumble for a while. Stainless steel shot is better for harder metals, but you can use it with the softer metals too. It's a great all-around media.
  22. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    Or you can just let it sit around for a little while. LOL. Unless you're making thing for a show that is coming up rapidly, it really doesn't take that long for copper and brass to tarnish.
  23. Jax25

    Presents for Kids

    I'm surprised nobody suggested balls. A juggling ball type or a dodecahedron, for example.
  24. Jax25


    Yeah, I won't be leaving my day job for maille. I make about $35/hr in my job...which for here is very good. Plus all of the benefits.
  25. Jax25

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    I think you may be better off to get some wire and go the wire-wrapping route for making your own clasps. If soldering weakens the links, then a wire wrapped "ring" for the toggle would probably hold up longer.