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    You never know. You might find some supermodel that loves it and is willing to pay that much to own such a pretty.
  2. Jax25

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    It sounded like she wanted to solder aluminum to make clasps...unless I misinterpreted.
  3. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    I'm half joking because I do love silver toned jewelry...but I'm kind of in love with jeweler's brass right now. I started making a flogger last year and haven't gotten around to finishing it because i've needed to cut some rings and have been lazy about it. I picked it up the other day and it has the most beautiful patina now.
  4. Jax25

    Chainmail Shoes

    That's okay. Crocs are seriously ugly so there's no harm in not wearing them! *grin*
  5. Jax25

    Pricing your works

    ...unless you're a Steampunk. We prefer coppers and brasses.
  6. Jax25

    Earring ring size estimate request

    I can say unequivocally that HP4 is made very well with 18 swg 1/4" rings. And I think, looking at the pictures of the earrings, that he's probably pretty close to the mark with the ring size. They could be "19g" (which is otherwise notated as 18 awg). There's about a 0.1-0.2 mm difference in wire diameter there, which is not a huge difference.
  7. Jax25

    Chainmail Shoes

    You would have to have some way to seam them together so yes, there are probably some butted places (though I really can't see any closures in the picture, save perhaps one or two where the rings encircle the elastic cord)...but I think the majority of the "panels" that make up the body of the shoes are probably made of welded mesh.
  8. Yeah, they just look a little gappy...not off center or anything. That could also be the particular rings you're using. I notice that sometimes if there's even a slight bit of a burr or raised place, the closure doesn't look as pretty. It could also very well be just the fact I'm seeing pictures and not the actual piece. Sometimes the camera accentuates the gap (like adding 10 pounds to people ). As to how to fix it, if there is a bit of a gap, I'd move the ring back and forth an extra time when closing just to tighten it up a bit. Now as to cost, the formula I've always seen is also labor + materialsx2. Labor is usually a much higher cost than materials (except in precious metals probably) so multiplying that by 2 will give you a pretty high number...unless you've set your wage really low.
  9. Jax25

    Chainmail Shoes

    While that's interesting, and they look kinda cool, my feet would absolutely hate me if I tried to wear something like that. I shudder at the mere thought. But yes, I'm pretty sure they're made of welded mesh. The top picture (where it shows them closeup from the rear) suggests it.
  10. Well, aside from the standard comment about closures appearing to need a bit of work, not bad. I'm curious if you actually sell bags at that price though. I have trouble moving them at the $35-45 range.
  11. Jax25

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    +1 Though I have to say, that idiot was lucky that I wasn't the judge in the case. I'd have laughed and said "Case dismissed. Next!"
  12. Jax25

    Starting a new website

    I was going to go with webs.com but then found weebly and it's free...so I went with that. Free is my favourite cost. All I had to pay for was my domain name...which I already had through godaddy. I had thought about checking out zen-cart though. It's still on my list.
  13. Jax25

    What to do with a fairly inflexible piece of CCC

    Find a ring size that lets you make it slightly more flexible so that you can make a curve and turn it into a real candy cane?
  14. Jax25

    My Firt works

    Not only did I see it, I approved a couple of the gallery images at MAIL. LOL.
  15. Jax25

    My Firt works

    I have long thought that moorish rose is insane. I still haven't even attempted it. And heh, if the difficulty of something is measured by how long it takes to make, I know of a lot of hard weaves then. :-P
  16. Jax25

    Durability of Maille Belts?

    About 6 years ago I made a Jap12-2 belt out of blackened stainless and nickel silver in the same sizes that Zeroignite used for that BA belt (small rings were nickel, large were stainless). Sadly I think the pictures are long gone - and I made it for a friend so can't get any more. :/ But anyway, it worked great. I did a J6-1 belt out of stainless round scales and 18 ga stainless rings for my partner in MAIL's birthday club last year and I think he was pretty happy with it. So yeah, stainless works really well. I've never done an aluminum belt and frankly not sure that I would. Titanium would be really fun...though of course more expensive.
  17. Jax25

    My Firt works

    You know, I didn't find dscale hard at all...except sometimes the little rings don't want to tuck under properly and I have to fight with them....but I don't consider that hard, just annoying.
  18. Jax25

    My Firt works

    It looks like you're coming right along. I have yet to do Elfsheet myself. You'd think in 7 years I would have managed it...but it's something I keep pushing to the back burner.
  19. Jax25

    CIR Bend (Structurally)

    Ohhhh. Hmmm. That sounds like it would be right up Dave's alley.
  20. Jax25

    Pink Armor...yes I said Pink Armor

    Oh, doh! That's a brilliant idea! I've done Race for the Cure the past two years and a pink shirt to wear to it would be epic. I doubt I could get one done this year but maybe for 2014.
  21. Jax25

    CIR Bend (Structurally)

    Out of curiousity, what application are you using it for?
  22. Jax25

    My Firt works

    E4 was my first, then byzantine because I loved it so much. In the process of doing byz, I of course learned box. Then I did FP6 and the two HPs. I learned from Spider's DVDs though so none of those really gave me any trouble.
  23. Jax25

    New to the chainmaille art

    Oh, I giggle every time I hear someone call 19ga small.
  24. Jax25

    How do you store your rings and things?

    It is Japanese 8 in 2...http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=1154 which is the kinged version of Japanese 4 in 1. That strip is the beginning of a chessboard I'm making of 20awg 1/8" rings.
  25. Jax25

    5356 Alloy for chainmail

    Let's face it...pretty much anything CAN cause cancer if concentrated enough.