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  1. thinks he's finally hoarded enough soda tabs to get a significant start on a shirt. But to connect them with rings, or lamellar-type lacing...

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    2. j_betts


      I've tried both, and lacing are move of a pain in the behind. The cord snags easily.

    3. Milquetoast


      I made a few patches: one with rings and parallel rows of tabs running vertically, one that ends up with them overlapping like regular scales, and one laced and overlapping. So far, I have to say I like the laced the most: With white cording it looks real bright and dense, and from a distance you probably couldn't tell it was soda tabs unless you were looking for it

    4. j_betts


      Do you have problems with the tabs not wanting to slide on the cord? I was using masonry twine, if your material doesn't have that problem I'd love to hear about it.