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  1. Gothic Nights

    Chokers with Charms

    © Gothic Nights

  2. Gothic Nights

    Layered japanese earrings

    © Gothic Nights

  3. Gothic Nights

    Triple byzantine bracelet

    Three strips of byzantine weave connected together to make a wider bracelet.

    © Gothic Nights

  4. Gothic Nights

    Japanese layered bracelet

    © Gothic Nights

  5. Gothic Nights

    Double byzantine bracelet

    Two strips of byzantine weave connected together to make a slightly wider bracelet.

    © Gothic Nights

  6. Gothic Nights

    Coin jinglies

    Aluminum 4-in-1 with coins to make pretty sounds.

    © Gothic Nights

  7. Gothic Nights

    Walk the dog

    Dog collar and leash

    © Gothic Nights

  8. Gothic Nights

    Walk the dog

    That was the intent when the item was made, coincidentally!
  9. Gothic Nights

    Who have you inspired?

    My best friend that I met back in 2000-ish saw me working on chain mail once upon a time. He asked me questions, and eventually began making his own 4-in-1 squares (but never a finished project). He's not overly proficient, but he continues to be inspired when he sees my latest pieces, a 6-in-1 hauberk, a scale vest with leather and chain mail accents, and a chain shirt I'm working on made out of strips of byzantine (pictures to follow soon, if I can get enough finished for pictures). He's not very motivated, but it's fun to watch him try to imitate my work, or research chain mail for hours. He's one of many I've got hooked. My daughter can do 4-in-1, and often offers to help me with my armor, and my ex-wife envies my skill with the tiny rings for jewelry.
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  15. Gothic Nights

    ScaleMail V.01

    I'm working on making a scale vest myself (I have chain mail I'm doing on the bottom front/back, and I have leather pauldrons from another suit of armor I'm going to add). I vary from XL to XXL, so I decided to just do the front and back, and I'm running chain mail down the sides for easy alterations. I'll post pictures when it's finished, probably in the next year or so. (I've got a 6-in-1 hauberk to finish, as well as a move to another state and ongoing school work, so it'll be a while before I finish it.)
  16. Gothic Nights

    Hauberk and coif

    I'm working on my own 6-in-1 hauberk, but I ran out of rings. Should get more in on Monday and I'll be able to finish it and post my own pics! Good job on this one!
  17. Gothic Nights

    Diamond earrings

    4-in-1, sterling silver

    © Gothic Nights

  18. Gothic Nights

    Coin purse

    Made as a coin purse, but also doubles as a dice bag.

    © Gothic Nights

  19. Gothic Nights

    Coin purse

    These were 4mm blackened steel. I don't normally work in metrics, but I got a good deal on them!
  20. Gothic Nights

    Box key chain

    Anodized aluminum in a box weave

    © Gothic Nights

  21. Gothic Nights

    Fetish wear

    Fetish collar and leash

    © Gothic Nights

  22. Gothic Nights


    A key fob made for my World of Warcraft authenticator.

    © Gothic Nights

  23. Gothic Nights

    Stress ball

    © Gothic Nights

  24. Gothic Nights


    Sir Galahad the fearless lion in mail and coif.

    © Gothic Nights

  25. Gothic Nights

    Leather accent

    A leather pouch I made with chain mail accents.

    © Gothic Nights