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  1. My best friend that I met back in 2000-ish saw me working on chain mail once upon a time. He asked me questions, and eventually began making his own 4-in-1 squares (but never a finished project). He's not overly proficient, but he continues to be inspired when he sees my latest pieces, a 6-in-1 hauberk, a scale vest with leather and chain mail accents, and a chain shirt I'm working on made out of strips of byzantine (pictures to follow soon, if I can get enough finished for pictures). He's not very motivated, but it's fun to watch him try to imitate my work, or research chain mail for hours. He's one of many I've got hooked. My daughter can do 4-in-1, and often offers to help me with my armor, and my ex-wife envies my skill with the tiny rings for jewelry.