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    Life long crafter.... Jewelry making, beads, fabrics, occasionally make my own furniture... various metaphysical interests... really, too many interests too little time, or too many cardinal signs depending on who you ask
  1. not sure how to put a pic up here... but... really, wire through the bead, bend a loop on each end.... the large beads about 12mm, the smaller 10mm for 44" comparisons... perfect! thank you
  2. CeriseRowan

    Beaded Maille

    Love them!
  3. I see some things here I want to make, have saved some ideas for a while.... current project though.... a friend want me to rework a necklace for her to be like another she has heavy black glass beads, will be 44" completed, originally knotted on cord that has stretched and worn out she wants the new working assembled with wire, loop on each end the one she want to copy is a channel, the wire measures 19g, is a shiny gunmetal color (the clasp for this is, the decorative pieces are silver/gray) no idea what the wire is (just realized I need to get the spare beads from her and measure the bead hole size) having trouble deciding what wire to use for this, I need it to take the weight of the beads without the links opening and... not be so hard to work my hands can't handle it and too difficult to cut..... I don't really want to have to file each cut flat if I can help it I've been disappointed to find many metal suppliers really have no idea if the wire they sell would work.... I don't want to charge her, do the work and find out... it doesn't work.... today, thinking about the problem... realized, who knows metals and weight better than chain maille workers? right? thank you ;-)