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  1. Reformed

    Scales with smaller/no holes

    They may have made them first, but TRL manufactures their own scales. They do not modify existing product. Katekate, just so you know, you can sew the scales as they are. I've done it to make leather gloves with scales, using two stitches per scale for security, one to the left and one to the right of the top point. http://i.imgur.com/H66nfzC.jpg
  2. Reformed

    Question Regarding Loop-Closing Pliers

    This video talks about the pliers being used, but it shows the twisting method to close a ring. Tried to link to a specific time, but didn't work. Just skip to 1:25 to see a ring get closed. You literally twist the ring open and closed. If you just force the ends open or closed like a hinge it will end up looking bad. Those pliers you are linking to just squash the ring closed, which is not how chain mail should be done because it can deform the ring (probably not steel, but other materials for sure) or won't be closed all the way (leave a tiny gap between the butt ends of the ring).
  3. Reformed

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    Oh no! I'm glad I had it. I saved the new one and took a look, and it's great! I love all the new pics. Can't wait until I can save up and do another large mail project like my dragon armor.
  4. Reformed

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    I knew an updated version came out, but I never saved it. I was not aware it was on the site, thanks! Just to be perfectly clear, I did not write it.
  5. Reformed

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    If you are familiar with sewing terminology, a contraction is the same as a dart. It takes in excess fabric in order to make the garment better fitting. My scale vest (seen in my profile pic) has two contractions on the back, at each of the shoulder blades. A full shirt usually has 3-5 - on each side. I found a website to host the tutorial, I really hope this works how I think it's supposed to: https://www.docdroid.net/bnSDKcU/scaletutorial.pdf.html
  6. Reformed

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    Do you have any contractions on the front or back? Those should help with excess material. I've never made a full scale shirt, just a half shirt with scales on back and mail in front. Someone here made a really awesome scale manual. I saved it years ago, but it's too large to attach here. Hopefully someone can come in and post it for you as I'm not sure how.
  7. Reformed

    Aquaman small scale shirt/hauberk

    Had to click like 3 links to get to the images... I see the sides are incomplete, but what is your specific issue?
  8. Reformed

    Newbie questions

    I have no idea what kind of instructions come with the kit, but this is a link to the method I use: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.php?key=222 It may help you learn the weave, so you can follow the specific directions for the tie. Good luck!
  9. Reformed

    Newbie questions

    Tumbling refers to a way of cleaning your rings (by bouncing them around in a 'solution', like sand or something). I've been mailing for nearly 6 years and never tumbled my rings. You only need to do it for certain types. I buy all anodized aluminum, and tumbling could potentially rub or nick off the anodized layer. However, when I buy scales, I have to wipe them all clean of the machining oil. I can't tumble them for the same reason: the edges on the scales could damage the anodization. I have not made the tie, but I love dragonscale. What tutorial were you using? I prefer the "closed small ring, open large ring" method myself.
  10. Reformed

    Does 'Black Ice' Look like a dirty silverish?

    In the image, the rings on the top are Black for reference. The left rings are Black Ice I purchased in 2010. The right rings are Black Ice I purchased in 2012. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what kind of color they can be. Each time I ordered, every ring was the same color, but when I re-ordered, the dye lot must have changed, so the rings I got were darker. The darker rings definitely have that dirty look I think you are talking about. The left rings are a bit shiny, but the right ones are much less so.
  11. Reformed

    Scale Mail Panties, need help.

    As j_betts says, using chain for the crotch will be most comfortable. I've included a link to my experience making chainmail "panties". Not panties exactly, but the fit was similar, so it may help you out. http://imgur.com/a/4LobE 1. Pattern laid out before I stitched up the sides. The red mark is about where your chain section should stop. 2. Taken during a test fitting. Same thing with the red mark. 3. Front of finished product. 4. Back. You can see that enough scales hang down to hide the chain crotch portion. Even though I didn't do the front with scale, the effect should be the same.
  12. Reformed

    Costume questions.

    My experience is that sewn on scales move with the fabric underneath them, rather than each other (as they would if they were mailed). I carefully sewed scales to leather gloves, but when I put the gloves on, the scales shifted in ways I wasn't expecting. I had to go back and add a few scales in places where they ended up laying 'apart' from one another instead of remaining in the sewn pattern. Hopefully that makes some sense. I don't want to deter you at all, my gloves came out great. But they won't lay exactly as they would if they were mailed. You can see my glove below, and a few places where the scales fall apart from each other. http://i.imgur.com/FWnxDN2.jpg I was using aluminum scales, so maybe the plastic ones won't behave this way.
  13. Reformed

    scale armor vest fitting

    It takes a lot of wiggling, and bending over in funny ways (especially to get it off).
  14. Reformed

    BRIGHT finish AA scales

    Thanks! Yup, I definitely need to order some of those next time.