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    Swift Current, Saskatchewan
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    wire crochet, bellydance, baking, nice thick books
  1. cindyscreativecrochet


  2. cindyscreativecrochet

    Nessy 3

    Love it!
  3. cindyscreativecrochet


    That is amazing!
  4. cindyscreativecrochet

    chainmaille bugs

    The spider is especially awesome!
  5. cindyscreativecrochet

    Glow Dragon Light Comparisons

    Gorgeous work!
  6. cindyscreativecrochet

    Dragon 031 Copy

    That is amazing! Droolz. What would you sell this for?
  7. cindyscreativecrochet

    New User Thread

    Ok I'm the misfit here, as I don't do maille work, though I admire it greatly. I am a fully immersed wire addict though. I crochet wire into jewelry. Just posted a few pics of my latest creations in the gallery.
  8. cindyscreativecrochet

    Crocheted sterling plate earrings

    er 28g, sorry.
  9. cindyscreativecrochet

    Sterling plate crocheted wire necklace

    I crocheted 28g sterling plate with turquoise beads into medallions for a 3 part set. The bracelet and earrings will be shown too.
  10. cindyscreativecrochet

    Sterling plate crocheted wire bracelet

    I got a large order of 26g sterling plate recently and crocheted medallions into a 3 part set, here's the bracelet.
  11. cindyscreativecrochet

    Crocheted sterling plate earrings

    I crocheted sterling plate 26g wire with turquoise beads into a 3 part set, here are the earrings.
  12. cindyscreativecrochet

    crocheted titanium wire with coral beads

    I recently got a huge amount of 26g titanium wire from RL and crocheted this earring and necklace set with some of it.