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  1. Magill029

    It's been a few years. I do leatherwork now

    This weekend was the last weekend for the Texas Renfest this year. I added to outfit. We didn't take any photos of ourselves but If someone posts one of me I'll put it up. I'm thinking about adding a chainmail sleeve to this outfit.
  2. Seems I havn't posted on here for a couple years or so. I don't really dabble in chain or scale anymore but I still have all my pieces. Here is a pic of an outfit I made for this years Texas Renfest. This pic was taken last weekend. Let me know what you think or how I might improve it. Thanks,
  3. Magill029

    WTB small shiney aluminum scales

    I need some scales for a project I am working on. Need some within the next week if I am to complete my project before the Ren fest. I don't need split rings for this project. Matthew
  4. Magill029

    My scale outfit so far

    I almost wish sometimes that I went with large scales. I think the small ones pay off in the end though.
  5. Magill029

    Split Rings with Scale Maile and pliers question

    I have the ones TRL sells, the Texas Tackle and another pair from Pro Bass shop. 2 Pair go unused.
  6. Magill029

    My scale outfit so far

    Yeah, they only take a couple hundred hours or so.
  7. Magill029

    Split Rings with Scale Maile and pliers question

    Split ring pliers from Texas Tackle are by far the best pliers for the job. I currently have 3 different pair of pliers and I will not use any other pair. I couldn't imagine using a different pair. (No, I don't work for the company)
  8. Magill029

    My scale outfit so far

    I am going to extend the scale shirt as much as I can. I still have to make the strap for the other spaulder but its coming together nicely.
  9. Magill029

    Looking for enchanter in the Houston area!

    I am fairly certain there are enchanters here than can do some lower level enchantments. I could get by with the lower level ones until I start doing some upper level raids. If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly!
  10. I will be purchasing a new set of spaulders from the trade market pretty soon and I would like to get them enchanted ASAP. I am looking for something to increase my main stats. Str. Dex. Agi. and Stam. Some extra HP would be nice. Please reply with your enchanting level and what enchantments you can perform and also what the cost would be. Thanks!
  11. Magill029

    Its that time of the year again.

    Are you from Texas Chaluska?
  12. I will be altering my scale shirt I made last year. I have already put 4 contractions in the front. I still need to put a contraction in both sides under the armpit area and I have shoulder pieces that I still need to attach. I will post some pics later.
  13. Magill029

    Leaf Scale Tips Needed

    I made a leaf scale shirt last year out of about 5,000 small aluminum scales. I made the traditional barrel and strap before realizing I needed to add contractions. So, I am preparing my shirt for this next years TRF. (I am starting early this year as I made the scale shirt in about 3-4 weeks last year and it was a beaten). I need to add contractions. I plan on putting 4 contractions in the front (2 under each breast), 5 in the back (2 under each blade and one in the center) and 1 under each armpit. When doing contractions am I supposed to take out the whole row? What I mean is, do I pick the point of the contraction and take the whole row below that out while "contracting" the "rest" together like sewing fabric together? Also, the shirt currently fits pretty snug and has a good look but putting 10 contractions in would make it too small for me. So I plan to add width to it before making my contractions. I am thinking about just splitting and adding 5 rows to the barrel portion under the armpits. This would expand the shirt enough to make it about the same size after the contractions. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Matthew
  14. Magill029

    Aluminum scales.

    I bought 5,000 scales last year to make a shirt for the TRF. I completed the shirt to the extent that it was "wearable" but I still need to put the contractions in it. Here is my opinion on the mirror finished ones. After the TRF I left the shirt in my trunk for several months unprotected. Upon close examination you can see the scuffs on each scale but it does not greatly affect the appearance of the overall shirt. The scales are still very bright and reflect light about as much as when I first made it. I will take and upload a couple pics for you.
  15. Magill029

    Dragonscale ring size info needed

    Another question: I don't have experience dealing with dragonscale mail. Is the ratio 1-1 when it comes to small-big rings? If I need to order different amounts of ecah ring I would like to know in advance. Also, how many rings are going to be in a 1 sq foot piece. I need to calculate how many rings I will need to buy.