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  1. Rod

    Whew! New forum AND my login still works

    I've been gone much longer than I thought. I decided I want to start mailleing again. Went to look for some of my old posts and they appear to be gone. Purged due to age maybe. Checked in a couple of other forums in which I used to be active. So much change and so much new info. Gonna take a minute to catch up. Good to see you all again.
  2. Rod


    Apparently not. Thanks.
  3. While trying to make a pendant, I accidentally ended up with a dome, that turned into a sphere. Funny how you "discover" things. I know it's already been done, but it was funny how I fell on this accidentally.

    1. sir_osis


      that's the best way to do stuff

  4. Cranked out 31 pairs of earrings and an anklet today. Hoping to get 20 pairs of earrings tomorrow and a couple of bracelets.

  5. Rod


    I updated the my photo avatar in my settings for the forums, but when I create new posts, it still uses the old photo. I see the new photo in the upper right corner of my screen next to my name, but it isn't using that photo when I make a post to the left of my post. Did I miss something?
  6. Rod

    want to learn a new weave

    Well then Helm is out for you until you get smaller rings. I *think* I've been using 18 ga 1/4" and 18 ga 3/16" for my Helm chains, but I'd have to go back and look. I haven't done any for a couple weeks and I forget what size I was using. The other weaves I mentioned all use a single size ring. I've only done about 10 or 12 weaves and from what I have done so far, most weaves that require two rings require rings that are close to two thirds the size of the larger ring for the small ring. But play. Because I made a necklace that was designed for 16 ga 5/16" out of 18 ga 7/16" E 6-1 and it came out pretty cool, even though it didn't really look that much like the original I was copying. I actually liked mine better. I'm also finding that few people like AA in the circles that I sell. Everyone wants stainless, sterling, jewelry brass, niobium, or AA black. Test out your friends and see what their partial too. It will help you gauge what to work in as far as size, metals, and colors.
  7. Rod

    want to learn a new weave

    I guess we have a decent library here in Chicago. All the popular books are available, but sometimes you have to request them from another branch, but i've never had to wait more than a few days to get something. The ones that had lots of stuff I like, I ordered online.
  8. Home jewelry party coming up. I have 71 items so far. Shooting for 150.

  9. Rod

    want to learn a new weave

    16 ga 5/16" works well for full persian and half persian 4-1, euro 4-1, and euro 6-1. you could probably do helm if you have a smaller ring, too, but i can't think what size. it's too early in the morning. 16 ga 3/16" maybe. you'll have to look up the AR for helm and see. Thank you for the links Frostly. I didn't know about the Weave AR chart either. I've been relying on an iPhone app that has limited info. Also, the weave library at MAIL is overwhelming. There are thousands of weaves there. All very pretty, but hard to choose just one at a time. Strhunter2, i would suggest going to your local library and look for books on chainmaille. they will have the more popular ones and you can learn the weaves that way. if you need help converting the ring sizes from the sterling silver that everyone seems to use in the books, contact customer service, they may be able to help you. i know a local vendor here in Chicago has a lot (not all but a lot) of the rings converted to products they carry and help me with sizing. good luck and happy weaving.
  10. @MerryWire It depends on the weave. I use anywhere from 1/8" to 5/16" ID in 20 GA to 16 GA

    1. MerryWire


      Thx, I 'll have to play with it! So far, I don't have much patience for the 'little' rings (under 6mm) :)

  11. Rod

    Craft Show inventory

    I bought a revolving earring rack from Rio Grande for about $10 that collapses down into a thin box for portability. You just hang earring cards on them. If you don't want to buy earring cards, use your business cards. Punch small holes and hang the earrings on the back of the cards. Then customers who buy earrings get a business card automatically. Rio also sells little hang tabs to fasten to the back of your cards to hang on a rack.
  12. Rod

    BB2B Var Cuff

    My latest commission. Byzee Bees to Butterfly variant. I should have snipped off the connector rings I didn't use, but I didn't think of it til someone else mentioned it. The buyer was happy with it though.

    © Pieces Of Light

  13. Rod

    Travel on Airplanes with rings and pliers

    I had no problem flying out of Chicago Midway, Atlanta, or Houston with rings and pliers. I didn't even take them out of my backpack and they didn't say anything. I mailled on the plane. The flight attendant was very interested in what I was doing. She came and sat with me for a few minutes to watch and toward the end of the flight she exclaimed, "you did all that in this short time?!?". She was amazed I could crank out a byz bracelet in an hour and a half, including clasp. Actually, I thought I was being slow. LOL
  14. Rod

    Forum Upgrade

    I'm using Safari and I'm not having these problems.
  15. Ack! I see there are two skins, but they are both dark. *sadface*

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      actually there will be 2 skins when I'm done - one light and one dark. You should be able to use the CleanCut one now its light.