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  1. So... We all know it wouldn't be maillefest without a good thunderstorm, but this year looks pretty nice, weather-wise. Friday night will have some rain, but Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be sunny and in the 70's! Bring your bathing suits! http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.76202&lon=-74.1337383&site=all&smap=1&searchresult=Duanesburg%2C%20NY%2C%20USA#.UgJakz-jtx4
  2. Hi all! So, as of now, we have 10 officially registered attendees, 8 of whom are camping with us. Just about the same size as last year. If you want to camp, time and space are running out fast! Four days and counting! Blaise
  3. Hey all, The dates are set, and the facilities are reserved! NMF this year will be held on August 10th at the same awesome facility as last year. Northeast Maillefest is a weekend of socialization and maillemaking with old friends, new friends, and friends you haven't met yet. We camp, we eat, we make maille, we talk maille, we show off maille, sometimes we model maille... We return, this year, to the ironically named Frosty Acres, in Scenic Duanesburg, Upstate New York. We'll be three hours' drive from New York and Boston, four and a half hours from Buffalo, and five hours from Montreal, so you can plan a trip around the event too. We will have facilities for camping the nights before and after, and the event will be held in their most awesome poolside pavilion. You can come and camp, or just visit for the big day on Saturday. In addition to all the metal-bending, they have loads of activities, like canoeing, fishing, a rec hall/arcade, bocci and horseshoe courts, three ponds, a beach, and of course the pool (which we'll be literally 20 feet from!). Map Prices have not changed: Camping: $20 per person (two nights! Sorry, it's required even if you only use one) Event: $37 per person (Under 12 free) It would be great if everyone could get their reservation in for camping in the next few weeks, to ensure we have enough spots. You can get this reservation by sending your full amount for the fest & camping! I can take PayPal at: blaise@hsyst.us or you can send a check/money order/cash/firstborn child/blood diamonds to: Blaise Hartley 270 Pawling Ave. Troy, NY 12180 USA If you are just coming for the day of the event, it would be great if you could still send the money ahead of time, but not an absolute requirement.
  4. Blaise

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    Well then Hi!
  5. Blaise

    Seams vs Contractions - the breast conundrum

    Seams are very obvious in maille, especially with larger rings and/or open weaves. The human eye is great at picking out patterns, which means that discontinuities in patterns stand out plainly, even if the overall pattern is more complex than the conscious mind comprehends. For this reason, most maillers avoid seams unless they are an absolute necessity, and then always try to hide them at a joint or other squirrelly place.
  6. Blaise

    Feedback on a new website

    Lots of good stuff! Thanks all, keep 'em coming...
  7. Blaise

    Feedback on a new website

    If you don't have one, you should start one. That's what we did! Try using meetup.com, that's where we started. It only takes one person to start a group, and then you just sit back and let people join. You might find there's already a rationalist meetup group in your area if you go looking...
  8. Blaise

    Feedback on a new website

    Hi guys, A local group I belong to just created a new website for critical thinkers, freethinkers, atheists, etc. (by which I mean everybody agreed *I* would create it!), and here, a few months in, I've gotten about all the feedback from our little pond as will be useful. I'd be quite appreciative if anyone here who is of a rational bent would have a look, and give me suggestions/criticisms on the design and content (or anything else you notice). We're about to start a media campaign, and this site needs to be public-proof before it starts getting used as a landing-pad. The site is http://societyofreason.com/. Thanks in advance, Blaise
  9. You're working way too hard. Just put the piece in a bucket, and crack open a CO2 canister over it. the CO2 will sink and push out the air. TADA!
  10. Blaise

    And I wondered why this forum was dead

    On the advice of counsel, I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I might tend to incriminate myself....
  11. Blaise

    And I wondered why this forum was dead

    Oh, this is *far* from the liveliest corpse I've ever seen! I was a member of one forum that got several hundred posts per day, that one day simply lost its domain name, and disappeared. Turns out the owner and all five mods were arrested for felony computer fraud, and went to jail eight months earlier, and no one found out until the webhost disconnected them for non-payment of hosting fees.
  12. Blaise

    Use the right forum damn it!

    What would have been really amusing is if movak had posted this in the wrong forum. I doubt anyone would have gotten the point, though.... [edit] Oh, and, my cookware bigotry is a personal choice. Don't judge me!
  13. Blaise

    Use the right forum damn it!

    Pot calling kettle... Pot calling kettle! You are black...
  14. Blaise

    science fair!!!

    Does chainmaille stop bullets?