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  1. its always as cool as the flipside of the pillow
  2. Aaron

    Chainmail Belts

    I've made a couple belts but I've never found a way that I like to finish them. I either end up with a bunch of extra belt hanging or its ridiculous to get the buckle onto it. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? I'm planning to buy some welded stainless mesh strips to make into belts but I want a good way to have a buckle on them so I can sell them to people. Thanks - Aaron
  3. Aaron

    Chainmail Belts

    thanks for the picture lorenzo. I think I may have to try something like that with the 2" welded stainless rings attached to the stainless strip. I'm trying to be lazy with this if you didn't already notice. One question I still have is what did you use to make the actual hook part inside the big ring used as a buckle?
  4. Aaron

    Flame Dress

  5. Aaron

    You might be a mailler if...

    your gf knows that it is galvanized steel and actually says galvy even though she has never made chainmail
  6. Aaron

    Necklace Pendants

    I'll get a pic up here when I can she lives in Texas :- I'm also going to make matching earrings for it. I just need to find some kind of pink accent pieces for them.
  7. Aaron

    Necklace Pendants

    I made a necklace for my girlfriend out of sterling silver. Its just a plain byzantine chain. I want to make a pendant for it but I also do not want to have to take the chain apart to weave it in since its too tight for me to put more rings into it. I was thinking about looping a larger ring on the chain with the pendant attached to it but I'm worried that if the clasp happens to break it could be lost. Does anyone have any experience with someone like this?
  8. Aaron

    Necklace Pendants

    No I think I get what your saying. She's never rough with it so i don't think I should really worry about the clasp breaking on it. Thanks a bunch