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  1. Does anyone keep track of their aproximate hourly income from chainmail? I did the math on my first project, a fully enclosed gauntleted glove, and at any price I felt reasonable to sell it I would have made about $2.50 an hour. I'm known to be a soft touch when it comes to pricing myself but I'm just wondering if people are pleased by the numbers or not. Mind you, I can whip off a bracelet from stock in about 20 min and I made one from scraps while doing a security gig on a construction site in a little over an hour, so there is a great deal of variance. Segue! What projects, in general terms, have people found to be: -The most profitable for your time? -The most in demand? -The least profitable for your time? -The most appreciated, most crowd pleasing? And while I'm at it, are there any projects or materials that you find the Normals oddly shy away from?
  2. Rob

    Chainmail(le) hourly wages.

    That's phenomenal, thank you all. It sounds like the same rules for running a bar. Have some high end stuff on display and offer something mid-range that the customer actually buys. This is really awesome, thank you! I've been hearing some Yeas and some Nays regarding Etsy lately, from a sellers side of things. Anyone have anything to add to that?
  3. My first for-profit supplies are en route!

  4. Supplies em route! First projects for profit ever beginning in a week! (~Oct. 54

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    Jewelry Management Software

    I dream of this kind of thing being a necessity for me. Please keep this post updated.