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  1. I made this armour using tiny scales for my 60cm doll's arm.

    © Me

  2. This is a chain mail armour I made for a 70cm doll. This was my first BIG chain mail project, and I can safely say it will be a long time until I make another one. I feel scales are more my calling, rather than chain mail

    © Me

  3. © Doll, tail and photograph belong to me

  4. Hello, This is my first post in this forum (though I've shared a few images in the gallery before). I just wanted to share a project I did last year for a library display cabinet. The cabinet is 2.8 metres long, and about 1.8 metres high. I wanted to use the entire space, but didn't have enough levels to raise the books on. Since I had the theme of fantasy, I thought it would be cool to have a large dragon flying in the background. It would take up height and length, but being flat it wouldn't encroach on the front of the window. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be cool to use scales to create the dragon (thus not needing to add scaly details to an image). I set out to make the dragon as long as possible (to fill up the most amount of space) and tall enough to keep the proportions correct, but not so tall that it got in the way of the books beneath. So I started off buying a LOT of red scales from The Ring Lord and once arrived, got to work. Knowing how big this thing would be, I didn't want to do a design too complex, so I used the pokemon Dragonite as a basic layout guide. I started off doing bits and pieces, the feet/claws, wing, tail, and underbelly and eventually weaved them together creating the body as I went. The head I left to last as I was never sure how I was going to do it throughout the whole process. The day I did do the head, I spent a lot longer than necessary on it, chaning the design and layout about 3 times before I ended up with this result. In order to hand it up, I attached the draong to a thin MDF board using zip ties, then hung this from a photography frame using fishing wire. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed with the dragon and display on a whole. This dragon equates to about 100 hours of my life and I feel so happy with how it turned out. (Admittedly it was my first attept at using different scales going at different directions, so those areas aren't very neat). Thank you for looking and I hope you like my dragon. Mawgy
  5. This is a dragon I made with large scales (a scaly dragon made out of scales! ) to hang in the background of a fantasy themed library display window. I attached the dragon to a thin MDF board so it would keep it's size and shape, and hung it from a photography backdrop frame for the duration of the display. Dragon is 2.4 metres long, 1 metre tall, approx. 2,500 scales and about 100 hours of work.

    © Mawgy

  6. Mawgy

    Scaly Dragon made out of scales!

    This is a dragon I made with large scales (a scaly dragon made out of scales! ) to hang in the background of a fantasy themed library display window. Dragon is 2.4 metres long, 1 metre tall, approx. 2,500 scales and about 100 hours of work.

    © Mawgy

  7. Mawgy

    Scale Mail Lamp Shade

    I love this idea!
  8. Mawgy

    Darwin or Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I have these dolls that are proportionate to humans, but scaled down to varying degrees. So based off ahealthy 180cm tall male, there are 1/2 scale dolls- 90cm, 1/3 scale dolls- 60cm, 1/4 scale- 45cm, and so on. I got into scale mail as I wanted to make the dolls armour. I have made a couple of things, but haven't looked to sell any. Maybe with the new tiny scales, I will look to do so. I can't say I know a lot of mailers, mostly because I didn't get into this hobby for the art of making items, more for what I can make my dolls, so I've never sought anyone else out who may live nearby. That said, I do have some very artsy friends, most of whom have experimented with mail. Some are cosplayers and one takea part in weekly swordfighting events in Melbourne, so armour is needed. I definitely prefer to buy from TheRingLord. Even with the expence of shipping, overall it will work out cheaper than the Aussie re-sellers. Plus, I find the Aussie stores take the items sold in bulk by TheRingLord and then sell them off in lots of 20 or 50. And when talking ring and scale mail, 20-50 pieces aren't going to get you very far. Good luck with the bra! Hope it works out! What colours are you going to make it with?
  9. Mawgy

    BJD Scale mail

    1/4 BJD male in scale mail. Made using the new tiny scales. 745 scales used in total. Took between 30 and 40 hours to make over a period of 3 weeks. Went cross eyed a few times there, but I pulled through with my sanity in tact (mostly).

    © Me

  10. Mawgy

    Cat Scale Mail

    Cat wearing a scale mail armour I made.

    © photo was taken by myself

  11. My friend's jack russell cross fox terrier in a suit of scale mail I made (originally for cats).

    © picture was taken by myself

  12. Mawgy

    Darwin or Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I'm in Melbourne! Currently I only make scale mail items. Can't say I've ever thought of meeting up with anyone to discuss this hobby, but I'm game to if you;d like.