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  1. Got to show off a pair of bracers I made with BA and rubber rings. The people were amazed that you could make mail that would strech.

  2. j_betts

    Male style bracelets...

    My personal views on more masculine jewelery is to make it larger and bolder than you normally do for women. Think about doing a couple rows of a sheet weave to make the bracelet wider. I personally like weaves like alligator back which is 2 rows of HP3in1 connected by a E4in1 connection between them. It makes it a bunch larger without looking like a scrap of armor you added a clasp to.
  3. j_betts

    A hair piece

    Is there somewhere special you want the line of scales to start? If not you can hide the clip behind the ear very easily, and then go on from there. If you are willing to have the scales stay in your hair for a long time you could do something like hair extensions. Have the piece tied to a lock of hair next to your scalp, and have the rest of your hair hide the connection.
  4. j_betts

    Chainmail skirt - problems keeping it on....

    How are you currently getting into the skirt? Do you have any type of notch in the waistband you lace up, or is the skirt a simple circle you pull on? If it is a circle I'd suggest dumping a few rings from your waistband and just pulling it closed that way. Another idea is to open it up and take out a couple of rows of waistband. Your skirt would need a couple of contractions where it meets the waist, but it shouldn't be that many. If the 6in1 waistband is solid enough that it can hold it up over your hips, have you thought of making the waistband wider to help old it up? That would also fix your problem of needing to make it longer.
  5. j_betts

    Heart maille top

    I assumed that this was to be worn over something else due to how open the weave is. As for straps, I agree with Teh Fruit flatter straps would be more comfortable. What is it made out of? For Stainless it may weigh enough that something like GSG would be better. I've seen way too many bikini tops that compress every link of the strap into flesh. Very nice work.
  6. j_betts

    Alu question - when rings are brighter than expected

    Could it be that you got standard AL before, not BA? I made my shirt out of the standard AL, and after weaving for a few hours my fingers would be metallic to black. It would explain why the first batch is dirtier than your current one.
  7. j_betts

    Attaching 16g 5/16" Rings to 16g 1/4" or 18g 3/16" Rings

    The rings will work, but the seam between them will be obvious. You may also need to add an extra small ring as an expansion point if it gets too stretched.
  8. j_betts

    Does anyone know where I can buy rings other then TRL

    I've done some extensive looking to find a supplier that doesn't have to deal with international shipping, and nowhere is cheaper than TRL even with shipping involved. Blue Buddha is located in my home town, and with shipping (they don't have a store front) they are still more expensive. Heck, If I could pick them up the price would be about the same as TRL shipping them to me. Now if only my broken finger would get better so I could get back to making mail.
  9. j_betts

    Full persian heart question

    Before you order the silver rings double check that the silver ones in that size have the same AR. I've noticed that silver can have different actual AR than other metals. I've been looking for 2.7-2.9 AR rings, and the only ones TRL has is in silver. Everything else in the same size has an AR of 2.6.
  10. j_betts

    1st major project

    Double check the ends of your AA rings. They may be anodized after being cut. Spreading them out for that would stop you from getting clumps. The surface change caused by anodizing may also make them not clump up. Lastly, there is a very minor change in the wire diameter caused by anodizing, That change may also make the difference.
  11. j_betts

    Need Advice: Tumbling Blackened Stainless

    The blackening process changes the outside layer of stainless into magnitite, a material that isn't as rust resistant than standard stainless. Please note that when you are working with them.
  12. j_betts

    alagator back pricing?

    If people aren't taking you seriously I'd first ask how you are dressed. A Tshirt and jeans will give you the "I'm just a kid" vibe. Try dressing up when you are trying to sell things and see if that changes people's attitude towards you. I'd also ask who you are selling to that they are only willing to pay $2 for a bracelet. Other teens will not have any money and will try to get stuff for a lot cheaper than adults. Don't be afraid to say "No, I spent hours working out how to do this and a good deal of time making this piece. It is worth $20." Having some 2in1 plain chains that are worth $2 for them to buy will remind them that you have better stuff, and make them think to come back later.
  13. Finally found rings that work for JPL 3in1!

    1. bigtitann


      how long did that take you? haha!

    2. j_betts


      It took about 4 tries including a second set of the same size rings that locked up due to being too tight.

  14. j_betts

    Another pricing delema... rings?

    I have to agree, the first question is why are you selling your stuff? If it is a business you should really check out your competition, and work out your weaving speed to figure out what you should charge. If you are generating some extra cash it is less of an issue. I personally sell my pieces to get them out of my house, and to support my chainmail habit. There is also a thread on the forum here where people posted pictures of pieces they had sold and for how much. It not only will give you some ideas on what things have sold for, but also has a ton of advice about pricing in general.
  15. j_betts

    Another pricing delema... rings?

    I'd work out how fast you can put together a bit of the piece you are working on, and base your price from that. If you work out you can weave X rings an hour then count the rings and base the price on that. Another idea is to come up with a price that you personally feel is fair, and go with it. As much as people will tell you not to undervalue your time there is something to be said about pricing with your heart. I'll charge less for a piece I enjoyed making, or if I was learning while doing it. Not because it took less time to do it, but because I feel I got something out of making it that can't be priced in cash.
  16. j_betts

    Question about dust

    For those wondering here is the OSHA page about zinc oxide LINK I'd read what the professionals say about the stuff and then decide if you can make your set up safe while cutting this stuff.
  17. j_betts

    Another Bra Top Question

    Looking at the straight on picture it looked like there were a couple links on the neck strap that weren't connected to either of the cups. I may be seeing a gap where there isn't one based on what you are asking. To me it looks like the cup triangles stop before they meet in the middle. Am I incorrect due to following colors, and not exact rings?
  18. j_betts

    Child-sized Chain shirt

    How about mounting it on a wall for decoration? Place a rod through the arms and hang it up. Putting a picture of the kid above it will really explain a lot when people look at it.
  19. j_betts

    European 4in1 collar necklace

    The kit states it is a graduated size piece, but you will be surprised how much much "give" there is in E4in1. Use a larger AR for the weave and it will work more like what you want. I'd grab some aluminum rings and try it out before building it out of anything more expensive. Worst case then is you have a band of mail that you can use to start another project. Another idea is to add a contraction near the top row on the sides or back where it won't be as easy to see.
  20. j_betts

    Another Bra Top Question

    I see that you have a gap between the triangles in the front. Have you thought about removing a couple of links there to get the cups out of your armpit? It will push the girls together a bit more, but since you said you had some extra room when the sides you may just fill that in instead of getting the push up effect.
  21. j_betts

    Non-Custom Bikini Top

    The creepy way is to ask a couple of women you know to give you some measurements. The mathimatical way is that each letter is an inch larger than the band size. So if the band is 36 a C cup would be 39 inches at it's largest point. Things get murky when you get past a D cup due to different manufactures labeling things differently. You would be surprised how many women are larger than that, especially tall women.
  22. j_betts

    Non-Custom Bikini Top

    I'd say you make a couple different sized cups and have extra belt stock for the straps. Make the bra straps a standard size like 34 or so and be able to increase it in a couple seconds to fit the lady. You may want to make the straps much larger than normal 40 to 45 and reduce the size to fit. That way you will never have to wait to get someone to try it on.
  23. j_betts

    want to learn a new weave

    You would be surprised at how few libraries have anything on chainmail in their collections. I worked as an assistant librarian during my college years. After showing my boss that I was interested in chainmail, and that I had found a book on it she had a standing order for me to get the library a copy of any book I found on the subject. Most of the books I've found until recently were armor building books. They had the Japanese weaves if you were lucky, but in general were how to make E4in1, and patterns to make armor.
  24. j_betts

    Weirdest place you've found a ring?

    Oddest place was in the elevator of my new apartment. The rings had been packed in a sealed organizer inside a taped up box. I hadn't even open my first box, never mind the one with the rings in it.
  25. I personally say don't dump Stainless, just tell people and have other options. People remember the big allergic reactions and the people that complain about allergies, not the many other people that don't. Great example of this is nuts. If you went with the common wisdom of this thread, nuts wouldn't be available at all due to the risk.