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    Scales won't lie flat

    That is exactly what I'm doing. It would also explain why the top two rows seem to work fine, but things get weird after that. I'll work this out tonight and report back tomorrow.
  2. j_betts

    Scales won't lie flat

    I'll try adding a bit of edging. I just seem to have the issue due to the general weave being too loose, and the scales are slipping out of where they are supposed to be. I'm using the size of butted rings that is recommended for small scales. Is that too big for a narrow band of scales, and only intended for larger pieces?
  3. j_betts

    Combined design questions

    No need to worry about puncturing the air bag. They actually start off with a pair of rather large holes in them already. They stay inflated for only a fraction of a second due to the propellant that fills them. After that it goes flat due to the holes they put into them at the factory. I don't even remember how big the bag got to be when I was in the accident that totaled my Saturn. One second I was stomping on the brakes trying to stop, and the next there was the bag in my lap and I was no longer moving. I was fine except a minor irritation on my hands from the gases exiting the airbag.
  4. You need several thousand strhunter2, they are smaller than TRL's small scales. I'd start with the number of scales in a small scale kit, and work from there.

    1. strhunter2


      is that in the regular scale form or the way u did it

  5. Soda tab gauntlet uploaded for Earthday tweet.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      thanks - tweeted - love the name!

  6. j_betts

    Scale Halter Top help

    I understand your point perfectly. To fit into this perhaps having a period acceptable garment with scales sewn onto it may be your best bet. The other idea is to have leather/fabric garment do the heavy lifting when it comes to holding the girls in place, and have the halter be entirely decorative. I'd think that most women would prefer to have something under a garment like this when doing something as active a belly dancing. Chainmail is great stuff and I love the look, but large pieces of it tend to require padding under them in my book.
  7. j_betts

    Scale Halter Top help

    Define real. If I recall correctly there are several times and places where scales like this were sewn onto leather or fabric for armor. In fact I think linking them with rings is an oddity, not the normal case. I mention this not to make you change, but to allow you more options while keeping things "real." If your customer wants a garment that is only made out of metal, then the entire thing is out the window. Does anyone else think it is funny that when we want strucure and support in a metal bra we look to fabric?
  8. j_betts

    Aging Bronze

    I think I found it in the pharmacy when I looked for it. Not sure what people use it for apart from stuff like this.
  9. j_betts

    Regarding finger ring regidity.

    If the lady knows you are planning on doing this I'd suggest you ask her what she likes and make it. I personally love HP4-1 and have tried making a ring out of AR 4 rings. I got a piece about half the length I needed for my finger. I finished it up with HP3 for the underside. I ended up with a very stable band on top, and more than enough flex under to make it comfortable. Pushing the AR of the HP4-1 into the high 4's should make it so it is tight enough to hold its shape, but still be workable.
  10. Here I think is the heart of your point. I agree with you on it. I have a rule of thumb that comes from a Sammy Hagar song when it comes to things like this. The line goes "If there was nothing to gain. Would you do it for free?" With chainmail for me the answer is yes.
  11. I have to agree with you about a lot of what you are saying, but I can also see where people what to get a good price out of their work. I personally make chainmail because I think it is cool, and it scratches a "must make stuff" itch I have. I'm beginning to sell the stuff I'm making to get it out of my home, and make the cost of materials back. All the stuff I have is BA, and I'm pricing my earrings at $5, bracelets at $7 and necklaces at $12 in a scifi/fantasy con's art show. Things took me between 10 minutes for some earrings and an hour or two for the necklaces. They go to auction after 3 bids, so I'm starting low to attract bids. If I pull in about $30 from the batch I'll be happy as it covered my materials price, after that I consider it extra. If I were to do this more seriously, or if someone wanted a commission done I'd charge them materials plus $20 an hour. I make about that at my job, and I consider it a fair price for a skilled craftsman. I won't knock someone for selling stuff that works out to $2 per ring or making $100 per hour, but I doubt I'd ever do it.
  12. j_betts

    Writing a book

    A pointed object is a relative term. A 2 inch pipe will puncture a guy quite nicely if pushed hard enough. I'm using this definition: noun 2. To make (a hole) by piercing. Meaning that anything that makes a hole in you is a puncturing weapon. We can go on about the differences in what a puncture exactly means, but in the end there are generally two types of injuries crush, and tear. The shape of the tear and how neat it is will determine if you call it a slash, tear or puncture. A case can be made for abrading to be a different type, but it can also be thought of as a tear where everything above was torn off. The funny part is I agree with you. Edged and pointed weapons will go through ballistic cloths. How well will depend on how narrow they can concentrate their force, and the breaking force of the cloth fibers. Plates have similar problems, but deal with very concentrated but small amounts of force better. Getting back on track of the original question. If I were making myself a protective garment that I was going to get hit by bullets and melee weapons I'd do a ballistic vest under welded stainless steel chainmail. Depending on if I expected swords or knives I'd go standard mail vs swords, and butcher's glove sized stuff for knives.
  13. j_betts

    Writing a book

    That depends on your definition of impact vs. puncture. If you think about it the only reason a mace head doesn't cause a massive puncture wound is because it doesn't have enough energy to push the entire head through the person. A slash is actually a very long shallow puncture wound depending on your point of view. Ballistic cloths fail when too much force is applied to an area, and the threads snap. The more pointed the item delivering the energy the smaller the area it will deliver that force onto. Armor piercing round are very pointed for this reason.
  14. j_betts

    Question about making lanyards

    I just recently got the idea to make lanyards for a convention I'm going to soon. My question is about safety. All the lanyards I've seen have a "break point" built into them so if it gets caught the person wearing it doesn't get strangled. How would you build something like that into a chainmail chain? I'm planning on using 18 ga aluminium rings for the chain. Either a HP 4 in 1 or Byzantine pattern depending on how much work I'm interested in doing.
  15. j_betts

    Question about making lanyards

    I actually made the lanyard our to BA 7/32 18 BA. It was materials I had laying around from an old project. I've not had any problems with the rings opening up on me, but I've not used them for any hard wear applications. We will see what happens when this one gets used.
  16. j_betts

    Full scale mail

    The market for this stuff is all but non-existant because most of the people that want one make it themselves.
  17. j_betts

    App for iPhone or iPod Touch

    I'm wishing that this comes out for android only because that is what happens to be what runs my phone right now. Good find no matter what OS the app is on. Having the ability to have this sort of info in my pocket would be really useful.
  18. j_betts

    Writing a book

    Using a ballistic vest as part of your under chainmail padding would give you some bullet protection. Layering chain over that would stop most slashing weapons. Puncture weapons would be resisted by the ballistic vest. Bullets are puncture weapons if you think about it. Now I'm going to go off the basic question and ask what your character has for resources. It sounds like he wants a bat suit from the most recent set of Batman movies. A perfect world would be a set of plates that cover most of the body while using ballistic cloth and chainmail like mesh to cover joints. The stuff could be made now, but it would most likely be very heavy, expensive, and not perfectly bullet proof. Pulling a ballistic vest and chain shirt together, and "enchanting" them to work together may be the best way. When people point at parts not working you reply "That is where the magic comes in"
  19. j_betts

    Who doesn't like jack?

    I think the black rings have a smaller ID because of the anodizing. It builds up a layer of oxide which would increase the wire's diameter. Personally I think that the corners pointing out like they do looks great. Fits the piece and gives it a better symetry than it bowing down both top and bottom. Very nice work.
  20. This reminds me of a plan a couple of friends made up about selling chainmail shirts. They were going to go to a huge SCA event (pensic) with a large amount of chainmail squares. When someone wanted a shirt they were going to piece it together on the spot, and fit it to the wearer. At about 4 squares per shirt this sounds like an order for 15 shirts. A large amount of chainmail, but I can come up for needs for it.
  21. playing with soda tabs as scales. Gauntlet of chugging anyone?

  22. j_betts

    Horde Inlay Bag Complete

    And here I thought only horde players talked smack like that. The alliance logo is just not as eye catching as the horde logo. I love the inlay it looks wonderful. I personally think the shaggy scales look very appropriate for a horde bag. How many slots does it have?
  23. j_betts

    Weave question

    Looking at FP more I can now see the difference. A 6 in 1 box chain is all through eye linking. FP does one through eye and one around eye link. It's a subtle difference that changes the way the links interact a lot. This is the difference between jacob's ladder, and HP 3 in 1.
  24. j_betts

    Weave question

    I keep looking at full persian, and see a box chain that is 6 in 1 instead of 4 in 1. Am I missing something or have I stumbled onto a great secret of chainmail?
  25. j_betts

    Pre-closed rings in trade for raw rings

    There are times when I need a couple of tries to get an aluminium ring to close properly. I don't know if it is because I'm a wimp, or if I'm being a perfectionist.