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    Chainmail in Space

    One of the blogs I read had an article about the Canadian space agency working on a lunar rover. The odd part was that the wheels are chainmail filled with metal beads. Looking at the pictures I recognized the wheels as something TRL did. Link: Here Bottom of the page is a video of the rover running around.
  2. j_betts

    Corset Help

    My wife has made a corset before, and I've seen what type of forces are involved with doing any real tightening down on one. My first point is that if you use elastic of any type it will be fashion only. It requires quite a bit of force to actually reduce someone's waist. The stories of someone putting their foot on a woman's back and pulling on the strings aren't just stories. I know people that have done it. Your boning for a restricting corset needs to be made out of steel. The standard is 1/4" spirial spring steel. Fashion corsets often used a bunch of wire ties, so pulling together a weave that barely bends should work fine for fashion. Personally I'd make the base of this out of at least 4 layers. The lining that will be to the wearer's body, a structure layer of fabric that can handle some strain, a layer of fabric you can see through the chainmail, and finally the chainmail. Some fabric corsets have 9 layers, so that isn't that much. Putting the boning on the chainmail will give you the structural elements you want, and make it a functional part of the whole. For material I'd go with stainless at least for the boning. I'm assuming your customer isn't corset trained, and will be trying to bend over while wearing it. That will put a ton of strain on the weave that is trying to hold it flat.
  3. j_betts

    Maille on a Plane?

    That has to be fun when they get to the metal detector/body scanner. TSA agent: Sir, can you put any metal objects you have on you in the bin. Belt buckle, spare change? You then strip off the chain shirt and dump it into the bin.
  4. I just bought a number of rubber and BA rings to make a pair of bracers. While checking out I redid my math on how many bags I needed, and noticed that nowhere does it note how many rings are in a bag while you are in the shopping cart. I'd suggest adding rings per bag to the link the the ring's info you get in the shopping cart. It would make it much easier to do recounts, and make the purchase process much more user friendly.
  5. j_betts

    PoP Tabs

    I would think that something to tie the tails to the rest of the jacket would be nice. Perhaps some chainmail trim to the lapels and cuffs of the jacket. You could also change out any buttons for a couple of can tabs or a bottle cap. A piece of mail for a pocket square might also be a nice touch.
  6. j_betts

    Displaying Armor

    I've seen several tutorials online about making a humanoid frame for displaying armor out of PVC piping. I don't know how thick of pipes you would need to hold up that much weight though.