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  1. j_betts

    Dragon Kits?

    I'd like to see a black/red, red/gold, purple/silver, purple/black. The color combos are scales/rings. Having an option to upgrade to the new etched dragon scales would be awesome as well. The picker tech may not let this happen yet, but please put it down as something to add when you can.
  2. j_betts

    Calluses no more :-)

    Another idea is Sugru. It is a silicone rubber based putty that air cures at room temp. It costs about $10 for 15 grams of the stuff. See link for more info: http://sugru.com/about
  3. j_betts

    a question of A.R.

    I would measure the rings you have. I know that titanium has a lot of spring back, so they may be a bit bigger than the stated size.
  4. j_betts


    You would be at the minimum AR for this weave using rings that size. I'd be careful at that size, and consider moving up a ring size.
  5. j_betts

    Half persian 4-1 with square wire?

    Took me a while to find the piece I made using the square wire. Here is a link to the picture I took today. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200831563255674&set=a.1644328712375.2079211.1361605664&type=3&theater
  6. j_betts

    Scale Mail issues

    I use the recommended rings for the small rings. I've not noticed any bulk problems. You might just be more sensitive to it than I am.
  7. j_betts

    Scale Mail issues

    If that is how thick you want the scale to be then the easiest thing to do is to add rings in an E4in1 pattern. It will tighten up the general weave, and stabilize the edges. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200793236337525&set=a.1644328712375.2079211.1361605664&type=3&theater The top half has a full E4in1 weave while the bottom has the standard Japanese 4in1 weave. The rings don't poke out the sides of the scales. I've worn this strip as a tie and I have never seen the side rings poking out the sides.
  8. j_betts

    Shirt fasteners...

    The guy either doesn't know that real armor is pull over, or he wants something easier to put on/take off than a pull over shirt. Shimmying out of a shirt after a long day isn't the easiest of things to do if the shirt if fitted close to your body. I've hurt my shoulder more than once doing this.
  9. j_betts

    Making a Box Chain with Square Wire

    The ideal AR for box weave is 5.1 and will work down to 3.8 according to MAIL link = http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=12 I know square doesn't work exactly like round wire rings, but it isn't that far off. Checking the equivalent round wire rings you have the options of an AR of 6.3 and 5.2, so both will work. I'd go with the 5/16" to get a tighter weave. It should have no problem making the weave, and will give you the tighter look you want.
  10. j_betts

    Half persian 4-1 with square wire?

    The weave looks wonderful with square wire. I think it really looks awesome with one side being round wire, and the other being square.
  11. j_betts

    The old scale guide has been updated...finally.

    The font seems a little fuzzy. I understand low resolution to save space, but what I see looks like I need to refocus the camera. The edges of the letters fade into the background making it harder to read.
  12. j_betts

    how many rings can i make

    The math for this is inner diameter times pi. That assumes that you have no spring back, and no cutting loss. It also assumes that you wind the rings individually, and not coil them. Each of these will lower the number of rings you make. My math for you says that each ring is 1.17 inches of wire per ring. That works out to about 101 rings. In reality, I'd expect about 90-95 rings from 10 feet of wire.
  13. j_betts

    Structural weaves.

    I believe you are looking for something like http://chainmailbasket.com/ It covers doing things like what you are talking about. It has weave tutorials, and articles about making structural chainmail.
  14. j_betts

    Bronze shirt pics?

    Improving your closures skill is one of the things you will do till you put down your pliers for the last time. If you want to practice on them just keep going on the shirt. Look at what you have done recently, and go back and fix the worst closures. You can also close rings by themselves, and weave them into the shirt later. Don't feel like you can't work on the shirt and get better at the craft at the same time. You will only get better by doing, so keep your pliers busy.
  15. j_betts

    How many rings for full chainmail

    You don't have to have the metal and rubber rings be the same size, but it will get harder to weave as the sizes get further apart. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=153 It is called snakeskin when you weave E4in1 like this. If you have the rubber rings be the large rings you can have more than half of the area of the fabric be rubber. You will still have half of the rings be metal, but the rubber ones will cover more of your body. If you do this I don't know how to calculate the number of rings you need. You could make a test patch, and count, but apart from that I have no idea.
  16. j_betts

    Bronze shirt pics?

    I don't remember seeing anything with rings that big. Your best bet is the MAIL gallery. They have a lot of pictures of chain shirts of different sizes and materials.
  17. j_betts

    Scale help

    To find out how many scales take the number of scales per square foot, and multiply it by how big the skirt pieces are. Without knowing your measurements of the pieces we can't give you a proper number. I'd make paper templates and see how they look on you, then measure them to get your square footage. Quick, easy to alter, and gets the job done It also looks like you want to overlap the skirt pieces. This sounds cool, but it will scratch the bottom layer. There is no way around that. If you are cool with that then have at. If not you may want to go with a single layer.
  18. j_betts

    Scale help

    The album you have linked isn't public. You need to change the settings for us to see it.
  19. j_betts

    Scale help

    That mantle has a couple of rows of euro 4in1 weave where every row is a different size. That is how it stays flat on increasingly smaller circles. If you look at the instructions on making scale shirts you can see how they make the shoulders of a shirt, and use that as a mantle pattern. For the skirt have you thought about doing it in panels attached to a belt? Simple construction, and you could then move the back panel to sit. There has also been a couple of threads on making scale and chainmail kilts here. The design ideas worked out could make doing the skirt easier.
  20. j_betts

    Scale help

    Large scales are a lot cheaper, and will cover area a lot faster than the small ones. I only suggested small scales on the mantle due to the fact that it would drape across the shoulders better.
  21. j_betts

    Scale help

    For the skirt, I'd go for large scales, and small scales for the mantle. Do a search for Paladin and Scales on this page to find a really good guide.
  22. j_betts

    Headdress piece

    I was just using it as an example of the project style, not materials. I totally agree about materials. Galvy is great for armor, but I wouldn't use it for anything I would want to call pretty.
  23. j_betts

    Sarting chainmal weaving as a beginner. Help Please!

    For jewelry, I was very happy with the aluminum saw cut kit I got from The Ring Lord. It gave me a number of sizes that work well for many weaves. It also allows you to get smaller amounts of one size of ring than the usual minimum order. Not a big deal, but if you are starting out on a budget that can help.
  24. j_betts

    Headdress piece

    I've also seen another type of head piece that is really easy. Here is a picture of the type I'm talking about: http://www.etsy.com/listing/82539424/chainmail-headdress-in-16-gauge?ref=sr_gallery_7&ga_search_type=all&ga_includes%5B0%5D=tags&ga_page=1&ga_search_query=chainmail+headdress&ga_ref=related&ga_view_type=gallery Make a single row band of E4in1 to go around the head. Build dags (triangles) off that band going both up and down. Connect the dags on one side using chains so that they connect in the center of the circle
  25. j_betts

    Headdress piece

    Amazon has the heads for less than $10 each, both male and female. Check in health and beauty, they have several different types.