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    Help in budgeting for a Convention

    Here is an article http://www.bluebuddhaboutique.com/blog/2013/07/what-kind-of-jewelry-sells-best-behind-the-scenes-at-a-craft-fair/ where the author breaks down her sales numbers in different ways. It also has links to other articles about selling at shows.
  2. The ring sizes you listed assume that you want to have an unbroken sheet of scales that size. I'd just use the large scale sized rings and move on. You will have space between the small scales, but I don't think you mind that. Four 16 ga rings fit in a small ring just fine, I just tested it.
  3. j_betts

    Oops! Ideas please.

    There are a large number of weaves that can be done with those rings. Going to http://www.mailleartisans.org/ or http://cgmaille.com/tutorials.shtml will give you a start.
  4. j_betts

    What is this called?

    Every time I've seen someone do this they use head pins and bend an eye on each side.
  5. j_betts

    question about making clothing

    There is usually a trick to getting the piece to look fitted. The first is that if you weave the fabric in the "right" direction it will fall closed, and take up the slack. The second is that we make the piece with laces, and tie the person into the piece.
  6. j_betts

    Best Bright Aluminum Rings for Hauberk

    If cost is a big issue, then work out what your budget first. Nothing is worse than getting 90% done with a project, and then not finishing it due to lack of materials. Start here http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=Euro4in1ShirtCalculator This is the shirt calculator, and it will tell you about how many rings you will need for a shirt of the size you want. After you know how many rings you need you can work out if colors are an option. If you can't do a full shirt of AA then perhaps an outline of green to the white heraldry? Scale flowers are easy. If you want to do specific color flowers I'll suggest that you not get the kit. It gives you a mix of scale colors that may not include the number of green ones you need.
  7. j_betts

    Best Bright Aluminum Rings for Hauberk

    Bright Aluminum is 0.00036 lbs. per ring or .27 lbs per 750 rings (as per TRL's web page) Rubber rings are 0.0002 lbs. per ring or .06 lbs per 300 rings (also from TRL's page) That means that rubber rings are 55% of the weight of aluminum. Assuming a half aluminum and half rubber weave that works out to a 23% reduction in weight. I understand that you are working from experience and I'm just crunching numbers, so I'd love to know where I'm losing the weight savings.
  8. j_betts

    Best Bright Aluminum Rings for Hauberk

    First off, I'd suggest that you use machine cut links. They are cheaper and will give good enough closures for a shirt. I'd build it using 16 gauge 5/16. It will be plenty strong, but may need some repairs if you use it a lot. There are also rubber rings in that size if you want to add them to reduce weight and speed up weaving. In general you want to use a ring with an aspect ratio of about 4 and 18 gauge and over. Do a search for "bladeturner" and "barrel and strap" for design ideas. Get ready for a long project. This is a several week to multiple month job. Good Luck
  9. j_betts

    Digital credit card processing

    Look up Square. It costs $10 up front, and costs 2.75% of each sale. I also think you get your initial $10 back after your first sale. They work with both Apple and Android devices, so you only need cell coverage, and a smart phone to get into the game. They will send you a free one, or you can buy them at Starbucks, and many tech store. https://squareup.com/?gclid=CM2zzbjx9rgCFUuk4Aoda1sAjA
  10. j_betts

    20g 3/32 Any suggestions?

    I've made a couple of pieces out of this size of ring, and it takes some patience. If you are using TRL's anodized aluminum it might work, but will be extremely loose. Their bright aluminum and stainless steel work fine though. Just double check each link as you put it into the weave. It is really easy to put a ring out of place, and have a mistake. I've made Turkish Round with these rings. I use them as the connector rings of the weave, so alternating gives it a beads on a string look. I also make helm chain using them as the small links. The large ones are 20 ga 5/32".
  11. j_betts

    Help with making small scale flowers

    I'm talking about the orange rings in picture http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/3908-flower-gitd-rubber/
  12. j_betts

    Help with making small scale flowers

    I mean that you should substitute the rings that sandwich the scales. The difference is really small, but it really changes the flower. I had to do it for only some colors of scales, but not all. To me that means that we are working with very tight tolerances, so you need to play with each flower to get it to work properly.
  13. j_betts

    Help with making small scale flowers

    I ended up using 18g 1/4" rings for the inside of the flower, and 16g 1/4" for the outside to make the flowers stiff. All 18g and it was very loose, but all 16g was too tight to get all the rings in.
  14. j_betts

    Fixing Pliers

    Another idea is to glue small magnets so that they repel onto the insides of the handles. That way it will open via magnetic repulsion. If you do a lot of work with steel it may get annoying, but it is an option.
  15. j_betts

    Need advice for a chainmail shirt

    Have you thought about using 24 ga 3/32" finished mail fabric? That way you could build your shirt without spending years to do it. Piecing together the fabric would still be a big project, but something that you could do in a few weeks to a month.
  16. I saw some very odd closures last weekend. The rings were closed flat, but they did nothing to close the gap caused by the kerf in the ring. I'd think this would be a very bad idea since the dealer was making bras, but each item was exactly the same.
  17. If strength is an issue have you thought about doing double rings for the color? Use 16 gauge steel for the main shirt, and then 18 guage kings mail with the front ring aluminum, and the back one steel for strength.
  18. j_betts

    Need some advice on making a shirt for a costume

    I've been wearing a 16ga 5/16" chain shirt for a war game for several years, and it has held up rather well. I've needed to do some repairs over the last year or so, but not before that. A couple of rings pulled open, and slipped out of the weave, but none were lost. Looking at the TRL ring options Bright Aluminum is also cheaper than Galvy.
  19. j_betts

    Finger ring weave.

    JPL is awesome, but is hard to connect with an AR that makes weaving it easy. Going with something at the top of the AR possible for the weave would help. HP 4in1 is a bit weird to link up, but after you get used to it you can do it rather easily.
  20. j_betts

    IGP help.

    The finished piece will want to hang in a closed position smooshing the image, so stretching your original picture by 1.5 to 1.7 along the width will correct this. My job for the last couple years was translating tech English into plain English and back again so normal people and software engineers could work on the same project. On that job I've found that both sides can be really intelligent, but without help they have no idea what the other is saying.
  21. j_betts

    Mixing metals in a jewelry project

    If you use the baking soda and aluminum foil trick for shining the silver you shouldn't have any problems with the anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum has an oxide layer that is very tough, and shouldn't give up its aluminum to this reaction.
  22. j_betts

    1st Project... Need to know exact dimensions...

    I found out that multiquote will collect quotes from different threads. It will also change where you are posting if you hit back, and go to a different thread before going back to your original thread and try posting again. The short form is if you hit multiquote and didn't mean to hit cancel. Just hitting back will do weird things.
  23. j_betts

    Black steel?

    The oil is not just there to keep the rings black, but to also to protect the rings. The rings will start to rust if you strip them of all the oil. I've heard of people saying that body oils will keep them from rusting, but I'd still worry.
  24. j_betts

    My first hand flower

    When I hear someone put gears onto something to give it a steampunk feel I hear this song. Sorry, had to. Aluminium is not a bad choice for the steampunk "period" due to it being expensive without electricity being used. Till electric smelting came along aluminum was as expensive as silver.
  25. j_betts

    How to clean and keep clean brass?

    A solution of acid and salt will brighten up brass in seconds. The cheap hot sauce, like the packets from taco bell, are great at doing this. Lemon juice also works well.