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    When I got one like this I made it into a pendant. I get tons of complements on the necklace.
  2. j_betts

    Helping younger cousins get started

    Have you thought about having them try weaving it a different way? I start with one 2in1 chain, and then add two closed rings to an open one to start, and then a closed ring on an open one till I hit the end of the 2in1 chain. It seems much easier to work with than a pair of chains.
  3. j_betts

    Need suggestions for strong, interesting weave

    Have you seen Interwoven E4in1? It works out to a pair of E 4in1 strands worked into each other. It is very strong, and you can make one band of E4in1 out of stainless for strength, and the other out of whatever to make it pretty. Titanium is not that expensive if you are making a choker out of it. I'm talking about dropping $20 on rings for that. 18 gauge 1/4" works out to being about $16 an ounce, less if you get natural colored metal. Not chump change, but not something that would break most banks.
  4. j_betts

    How to get scales like this?

    I've seen a lot of textured finish paints in the craft store, and when I saw these I thought this was an example of that.
  5. j_betts


    The stuff is not that fragile, it just won't take a serious pounding. I've seen it on children's backpacks, and not have any extra reinforcing. I only bring it up because I can see people wanting to light up flails, or things that might get hit by paddles. I would still worry about spots where you have mail rubbing on the wire. It might wear through and contact a rather high voltage, but low current power source.
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    Make magazine has wonderful videos of how to work with the stuff. Look up Tron messenger bag and you will find them. You do need to be a little careful with the stuff. It has a very fine wire wrapped around it that powers the stuff. If you break it the entire wire stops glowing. Not a major worry in most cases, but some of our more adult creations might take some abuse.
  7. j_betts

    Helping younger cousins get started

    Have you thought about making brass scrubbies for normal, not nonstick pans? Bad closures actually help get the baked on bits off. I've seen them in Cooks Illustrated and the magazine liked them. The Japanese patterns are also very easy to do. Adding color to them it also pretty easy.
  8. j_betts

    The Joys of teaching

    They threw a party at a sci-fi con that I went to. Look up musecon.org and the maker's faire for local events. I'm in the Chicago suburbs, so if you are near by I can tell you about what is going on around here.
  9. j_betts

    The Joys of teaching

    Over the weekend I attended a maker's event called musecon. The first class I went to was a chainmail class teaching people how to make E4in1. I originally intended on supporting the teacher by buying a kit, and hanging out. I was surprised to see that there were a dozen people in the class. I was expecting three to five at most. The room was packed, and we had to have people wait for pliers to be available. The teacher was looking a bit overwhelmed, so I showed her the chainmail jewelery I was wearing, and asked if she wanted me to help her. She was very thankful, saying "Oh God yes," Having another person to walk past and give pointers made the class much more manageable. On Saturday I had the cutest little girl ask me if she could still learn to make chainmail. She couldn't have been older than 10. I had none of the kits from the class, but I did have rings of my own with me, so I handed her my pliers, and gave her a lesson. When she asked how much it would cost I told her it was very expensive, one smile. It took her a moment to figure out what I was saying, but I got my smile, and she left with a chainmail bracelet she made herself. I may not be the best teacher, but I definitely helped a number of people learn how to make mail this weekend.
  10. j_betts

    Can someone help me find this link please??

    My first thought is that your rings are slightly off flat. It wouldn't be much, but after how ever many dozen you have in a necklace the amount adds up. I've been seeing the same sort of thing with the necklaces I make.
  11. j_betts

    half dragonback/alligatorback question

    For telling the customers I'd call it a variant of alligatorback. If you do say that have a piece of normal alligator back on hand to show them the difference. You will get people that want to know what the variation is.
  12. j_betts

    Wrapping revenge

    My first thought would be wire cutters. It would be awesome till you started hearing the click of the rings getting getting cut.
  13. j_betts

    inlay paper for scales

    Did you notice that in the scales supply page of TRLthere are inlay sheets for both large and small scales?
  14. j_betts

    Creating patterns for form fitting pieces

    What are you using for ribbon? I've just finished a mail tank top, and need ties to close up the sides. After I get ties for it I'll get pictures and put them up.
  15. j_betts

    The beginning of my insanity

    I'll go I'll go out on a limb and say that he thinks that coining the ring makes it much more comfortable since you don't have wire ends sticking out.
  16. j_betts

    Ok, last post tonight!

    Stainless steel makes my hands cry. I really need to get better pliers before I try working on it again.
  17. j_betts

    Just had to :)

    He is very neat. I am now envisioning taking painted steel rings and making a tiny superman. It could be done with AA, but he is the man of steel, not the man of anodized aluminum.
  18. j_betts

    First small project

    That is exactly what I still do to get really good closures. Unless you are a chainmail god that just knows exactly how far to pull the ring, in that size and that gauge there will be plenty of fiddling.
  19. j_betts

    First small project

    Keep it up, you are doing good work. You have much better closures than I had for a long time. You will notice that people that don't make mail will notice your weaves, and color choices. Mailers will notice your closures. It makes those of us in the insanity easier to pick out.
  20. j_betts

    A complex question about armour

    I'd build a test patch to find out how many rings in a square inch of the fabric, and then multiply that by how much fabric you need. Figuring out how much fabric you need can be done by using TRL's shirt calculator. It doesn't need ring size, nor weight to give you square feet of mail needed.
  21. j_betts

    Bikini Bottom

    The design is very pretty. I'm unsure how comfortable it would be. I'm thinking that piece of HP might get a little too friendly with the girly bits. You might want an extra piece of E4in1 to go between the legs to cover those parts.
  22. j_betts

    Nylon Plyer Question

    Has anyone looked at the delrin pliers? I've seen them in chain nose, and flat nose. Delrin is a very dense plastic, and I've seen a couple of pairs of pliers made out of them entirely.
  23. j_betts

    Creating patterns for form fitting pieces

    Off the top of my head I'd say a flesh tone leotard might work, as would the slip that Jodey mentioned. Another idea is to go just the oppsite, and wear something under it to show off how open the weave is. If you are showing off under the dress it comes down to how much and what you want to show. Lastly, simple white or black will show off the weave well depending on what color the rings are. A plain dress under it will cover you, and show off the chainmail nicely.
  24. What is the difference between the old brushed scales, and there new small brushed scales?
  25. j_betts


    Soda tabs with 16g rings holding them together. I've dubbed it the Gauntlet of Chugging