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    Nonconductive Suggestions?

    The line I use about this is "If not for the gutter my mind would be homeless."
  2. j_betts

    Nonconductive Suggestions?

    Have you thought of coating the nonconductive rings in paint/rubber/tool dip? If the anodized rings work great, but after you give me a problem I'll come up with all the options I can think of. I also saw an instructable about making chainmail out of weed whacker line.
  3. I started making chainmail after seeing an add for a dice bag in the back of a D&D magazine. I knew someone that made chainmail, so I asked him to show me how. That was 15-20 years ago. I sell some of my work in the art shows of local Sci-fi conventions I go to. My goals for selling is to make enough cash to cover my materials and shipping. I have made my cash back, and still have a lot of pieces left around. Now, if I can make back the cash I lost trying to help a friend get into a Ren Faire I'll really be happy. He asked me to buy a bunch of rings, and help him weave belt stock. Never got a dime back, and he got a bunch of the rings. Funny part is that I'm not that sore about that cash. I'm more interested in getting the money he owes me for a number of pieces I gave him to sell. I actually cared about making them, so they are worth more to me even though they cost much less to produce.
  4. j_betts

    How to make byzantine stiff

    Have you thought about cheating? Weave the chain around a wire frame that will give it the stiffness you were looking for. Another idea is to solder/glue the rings together.
  5. j_betts

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    The amount of stress put on a corset that shapes a person's body is much larger than you would think. My wife has made one or two, and the number of layers of cloth and how thick they were was amazing. If you wanted mail to hold the stress you would need to have welded rings, and I'd suggest you using stainless steel as well. If you intended to add mail to the outside as your final layer you could use much less extreme mail, and use cloth as the load bearing parts.
  6. Got my latest shipment of rings. 20g SS for a JPL3 necklace, and 20g AA in Black Ice for an elfweave necklace. I'm amazed that even at 20g SS is still hard on your hands.

  7. j_betts

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    I've seen them used a number of times for tutorials. They work great. Biggest problem is that finding plain shower rings is now getting very hard. People don't see is as a weave because it is a simple chain with a pair of extra rings on each link of the chain. People don't think this is enough to be considered chainmail, and is in their minds a fancy chain.
  8. j_betts

    Chainmail - In fashion or not?

    High fashion making chainmail popular will help us. Walmart fashion buyers getting into chainmail will kill us. Having everyone having a very easy to get to source of very cheap chains will make your average user want to get stuff for $5 a necklace. We then have to push the quality point of view, and the handmade aspect. I personally hate having to justify my prices, so as long as it stays in the realm of high fashion, and not in Walmart/Target I'll be a happy boy.
  9. j_betts

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    There is also the possibility that you got trolled. People posting stuff to make a lot of "OMG you are dumb" posts and staring controversy. For more NSFW type stuff look up Ninja-toe. It is the male version of camel toe.
  10. j_betts

    Belt Idea: What do you all think?

    First question. Are you using the belt to look nice, or is it holding your pants up? If it is more decorative than useful than you should have no problem with rubber and AA. If you want it to hold your tool pouch and your pants up you may need something stronger. I'd also suggest using 16g rings if you aluminum. The stuff can take some abuse, but I'd hate to have it fail as your pants caught on something taking down your pants, and destroying your belt.
  11. Waiting on rings is the hardest part of making an order. Next time I'll spring for a shipping option that has tracking.

    1. Zeroignite
    2. SickRose


      Someday you will be able tot rack your orders via live satellite video. I anticipate a lot of people losing their minds at that last part while they wait for 20 minutes with the truck in their own neighborhood simply looking for a place to park.

    3. Notmykl


      That's what I told our UPS driver - can't wait to be able to Google his location and watch a little truck drive around town.

  12. Blue Dawn also has the community's "this works, I don't know if bad things will happen if you use XXXX brand" I've heard horror stories of badly pitted rings when someone used a different brand. People then play it safe, and stick to what is known to work.
  13. j_betts

    Style points, Pattern Combinations!

    You may want to look into some patterns like crocodile back. It is a pair of half Persian 3in1 chains held together with a euro 4in1 set of connections. M.A.I.L. has a repository of several thousand weaves. You may find what you are looking for there.
  14. j_betts

    Elf Weave Shirt

    Yeah, Dr. T is insane. He is a mad genius, but definitely insane.
  15. j_betts

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    There is at least one thread about how to do it here. Do a search and you will find the info you seek.
  16. j_betts

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    I think part of your issue is that men's fashion is very limited by the way society looks at men. Being "girly" is to be avoided by men according to society. Due to this anything that might be a bit too far into the feminine side of things is not only avoided, it is mocked. Look at how quickly people make fun of a guy in a kilt. Women may love the idea of men in them, but the skirt jokes start flying if you wear one outside of a group that approves of them. The good news is that society is changing. Men can now wear pink even though it was a massive taboo when I was a kid. Time and people pushing the boundaries will help, keep it up. As for chainmail that is fun without being girly I'd go with bigger rings, and avoid classically female pieces like head dresses.
  17. j_betts

    Allergic Reaction to Anodized Aluminum

    The problem could be to the dye that was used to color the rings, and not to the anodized aluminum itself. That seems like a more likely source of the irritation than the aluminum.
  18. j_betts

    Ordering rings by the ounce.

    When did you get the kit? I bought one of the basic aluminum jewelery kits last year and it was saw cut rings.
  19. j_betts

    Ordering rings by the ounce.

    Bright Aluminum is technically a dirty metal, but that is like saying it is a flammable material. Aluminum is the fuel in solid rocket boosters, and thermite, but your soda can isn't going to burst into flame. I have to work with fresh from TRL rings for an hour at least to get my hands visabily dirty with bright aluminum. Dirty aluminum is a different matter. You will get your hands coated in black from just running your hands through a bag of those rings. The original poaster is also asking about what I think of as jewelery sized rings. The amount of "dirt" you will get from something that size will be very small unlike say a chain shirt. I've not had a noticeable amount of any of the jewelery I've made out of BA. Have you?
  20. j_betts

    Bifocals for jewelry work?

    I've seen a large number of clip to your glasses magnifiers in the steam punk fashion realm. They are just small magnifying glasses that can be clipped to your glasses, so they don't look as odd as wearing 2 pair of glasses, but still does what you need. Here is an example http://www.ebay.com/itm/10X-CLIP-ON-EYE-GLASS-MAGNIFIER-LOUPE-STEAMPUNK-COSPLAY-/330361317685
  21. j_betts

    20ga. 5/64 and dragon question

    Well, there wasn't a pool yet, but I know I was waiting for you to lay the mathematical smack down on this thread. Did you do a ton of math on a similar thread a while a go?
  22. j_betts

    Skirt #1...the prototype

    I actually like how open the skirt is. I see it almost like a form of body jewelery instead of a piece of clothing. Smaller rings would be awesome, but this size has a style all it's own. I can also see it being worn as a "cover up" over a swimsuit by those that need something over a bikini, but still want to show off. Since it is not made out of any type of iron it should be pool area safe.
  23. The scrub brush idea was from a cooking magazine, and the hot pad was a project someone here was talking about. All I did was pull them together. I've actually thought of making patches of brass E4in1, and selling them as the brillo pad that will never die.
  24. One idea is to cut it into 4 pieces and use them as pot scrubbers. I've seen them reviewed in Cooks magazine. The bad closures could be marketed as helping to scrub off dirt. Another idea is to glue it to a heatproof backing and use it as a trivet/hotpad.
  25. j_betts

    Selling pieces on Etsy

    I don't think it is crazy at all. I personally give away a number of pieces because I like to do so. My Christmas gift to my Mom this year was for her to take as many pieces as she wanted from my stock. I'm looking to sell pieces to offset the price of my materials, and tools. Anything more than that is "profit" in my business plan. Since I like to give pieces away I charge for the pieces I sell much higher than just materials. I also know that some things I want to make won't sell. I have a very nice pair of dragonscale bracelets that I made to study the weave. I've tried selling them a couple times, and have had no luck. To recoup my "losses" from their materials I either need to break them down and reuse the links, or sell other things at a profit to cover stuff like that. I prefer the latter by a wide margin.