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  1. Trying to make a scale bow tie, but can't work out how to make it stiff enough.

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    2. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      I used a backing of E4-1 (16g, 3/16 ID). It worked alright for the most part.

    3. madd-vyking


      Have you tried Cialis?...groan, sorry..... ;-)

    4. Dice bag maker
  2. Just got my latest ring shipment! Landlord seemed surprised that I was tracking the box. Of course I was tracking it, it's full of fun!

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    2. Mdewaddic


      I've literally stood up and ran out the door because I heard the truck and knew it was getting delivered sometime that day. I got all the way up to the truck before he had even gotten the package from the back, hehe.

    3. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      @madd-vyking, I like to think of it as anticipation rather than impatience...excitement for what is soon to arrive and the many hours of enjoyment to come.

    4. calisandra


      I had one weekend when I tracked it the depot down the street on a Friday evening it was less then a mile away but I could not get it until Monday because it was not set for weekend delivery. I spent the whole weekend fighting the urge to break into a UPS depot, lol

  3. Got my latest shipment of rings. 20g SS for a JPL3 necklace, and 20g AA in Black Ice for an elfweave necklace. I'm amazed that even at 20g SS is still hard on your hands.

  4. Waiting on rings is the hardest part of making an order. Next time I'll spring for a shipping option that has tracking.

    1. Zeroignite
    2. SickRose


      Someday you will be able tot rack your orders via live satellite video. I anticipate a lot of people losing their minds at that last part while they wait for 20 minutes with the truck in their own neighborhood simply looking for a place to park.

    3. Notmykl


      That's what I told our UPS driver - can't wait to be able to Google his location and watch a little truck drive around town.

  5. Got to show off a pair of bracers I made with BA and rubber rings. The people were amazed that you could make mail that would strech.

  6. Finally found rings that work for JPL 3in1!

    1. bigtitann


      how long did that take you? haha!

    2. j_betts


      It took about 4 tries including a second set of the same size rings that locked up due to being too tight.

  7. Started working with Stainless Steel for the first time last night. Wasn't so bad, but I'll need a better pair of pliers for my left hand.

    1. The Postindustrialist
    2. Ninjafudo


      Linesmen pliers ^_^

  8. You need several thousand strhunter2, they are smaller than TRL's small scales. I'd start with the number of scales in a small scale kit, and work from there.

    1. strhunter2


      is that in the regular scale form or the way u did it

  9. Soda tab gauntlet uploaded for Earthday tweet.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      thanks - tweeted - love the name!

  10. playing with soda tabs as scales. Gauntlet of chugging anyone?

  11. @Mandragoran That is exactly what happens. I've drawn blood more than once, but usually it is one of my thumbs that gets cut.