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  1. Just got my latest ring shipment! Landlord seemed surprised that I was tracking the box. Of course I was tracking it, it's full of fun!

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    2. Mdewaddic


      I've literally stood up and ran out the door because I heard the truck and knew it was getting delivered sometime that day. I got all the way up to the truck before he had even gotten the package from the back, hehe.

    3. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      @madd-vyking, I like to think of it as anticipation rather than impatience...excitement for what is soon to arrive and the many hours of enjoyment to come.

    4. calisandra


      I had one weekend when I tracked it the depot down the street on a Friday evening it was less then a mile away but I could not get it until Monday because it was not set for weekend delivery. I spent the whole weekend fighting the urge to break into a UPS depot, lol