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  1. Just got my latest ring shipment! Landlord seemed surprised that I was tracking the box. Of course I was tracking it, it's full of fun!

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    2. j_betts


      My first thought was "Don't you track every box?" Then again I've lived places where a dropped off box might walk off on it's own.

    3. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      Hey, I just checked tracking to find the shipping label has been printed. I'll probably check several times a day until it is in my hands.

    4. madd-vyking


      It's funny how we all have gotten (myself included)...it's not enough that you can shop for just about anything without leaving your easy-chair, and have it delivered to your door...we're so impatient that we watch as it moves from Kalamazoo, to BFE to your doorstep, complaining that "Jeez, why did it sit for 27 hours in Smallville?", and "Ohmigosh!, the local UPS is only 6 miles away, when's it gonna get here?" LOLOLOL!

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