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  1. I'd skip the conversion and just shop by AR. As long as you aren't doing something that is very tight close is good enough.

    You might also want to check Fire mountain if you need to be exact about sizes. They are much more expensive than TRL and most likely dead soft temper, but you can get them in metric if that is the only thing you are worried about.

  2. You are on your way. I'd suggest working on your closures. Some of them have a bit of a gap in them. Those gaps will catch hair, and if big enough will cause rings to slip out of the weave. Don't worry, getting good closures is something that takes time. You will get better with practice. Getting better pliers will help too.

  3. I made my father-in-laws wallet chain out of 16g 1/4" Stainless HP3-1 and when it got caught on his tire his belt loop and pants pocket ripped long before the stainless gave out.

    I made my brother in law's chain out of the same rings as you and he had several incidents like this happen to the chain. I only had to tighten up links, it did break nor did it lose any rings. I used a box weave, but I'd use something tighter if I did it again.

  4. I flew from Chicago to Hawaii and back and they never even blinked at my tools. I got asked about what I was making on the plane by a stewardess, but nobody else cared in the least. I wouldn't try to take any scales though. I can see someone thinking that they could be turned into spear points far too easily.

  5. Step one do a search for Paladin on this site. He has produced some lovely instructions on how to make armor out of scales.

    Step two read the instructions and see if you have any further questions. Come back and ask them.

    At that point Paladin and a couple other scale gurus will most likely drop into this thread and answer them for you.

    Sorry if this sounds snarky, I'm in an odd mood this morning. I blame the eggnog coffee. It is just that it is hard to teach when the student doesn't know what they don't know, and so can't tell you what they need. I'm pointing you to the basics, and hoping you come back for the hard bits to understand.

  6. Think

    I actually used the name on the tag to find the lady's website. She is WAY overpriced (in my opinion) for everything that she's selling.

    The artist is selling E4in1 bracelets for about the same price. In those materials she is making over $100 per hour to do this. I totally understand needing to pay yourself for your level of skill and for the artistry you are building, but I still think that is a bit much. The rest of her web page reminds me of stuff I find on etsy for $5 a pop. The trick is that they are all priced ten times higher than that and go up.

  7. Bags that hold a hundred dice are too small??? Yikes! Personally I just have two full sets...with a few extras here and there (especially d6 because multiples of those come in handy). :D

    I personally "own" at least one hundred D10 dice never mind the bunches of other dice. My DM decided he wanted to use special colored dice to show different types of actions in 7th. sea. He went out and bought 20 or more of each color he could. That DM after working out what he could lost all interest in the dice. Since we play at my place the dice are still here. I also have a large number of D6's from playing Shadowrun, and several sets of polyhedrals that I've collected along the years.

    I've just finished a new dice bag for myself using scales. I'll have to count how many dice will fit in it when I fill it for pictures.

  8. The first question is what makes a chain look feminine to you? Is it size, or is it the weave? If it is a weave problem hit m.a.i.l and find one that looks good to you. Nothing like having a couple of hundred pictures of different weaves to give you a good idea. If it is ring size then pick bigger ones and try again.

  9. JPL. only because i never had workable AR rings to try it in before.

    I think getting the right size rings is the hardest part of learning JPL. After I have the right rings it just flows together.

    I've been recently been playing with scales. I have a tie, and a hand flower that came out really nice. I want to try doing a dice bag, but I'm not sure how flexible it would be. I also am not sure how to make it close. I'll have to work on it more. Oh, the hardships of life.

  10. So do you soak the pieces in the ketchup or hotsauce and then wipe/rinse clean or do you just rub on with a rag? I have some mixed metal or unknown metal jewelry pieces my stepmom asked me to clean.

    When I've done this I've just rubbed it on using my hands, worked it in, and then rinsed it. If I was going to do it again I'd grab hot sauce since it is thinner, and doesn't need me to work it into the cracks. You can have the material thin enough on the metal that you can watch it clean up. Just keep your eye on it till it is shiny enough for you.

  11. I recently ordered some small brass rings for use with my AA and steel in various applications, but didn't think about tarnishing... would brass cleaners negatively affect steel or AA?

    If you are looking to shine the brass rings I'd just use a mix of vinegar and salt. Ketchup is a great mix to do this, and so is hot sauce. Hot sauce is easier to use since it is thinner, and will get into cracks better. I just did a test and got a chain from brown to pretty shiny in a couple of seconds. If you give it a full minute it will be fully shiney again.

  12. The normal scale weaving method isn't E4in1, but J4in1 instead. Going to full E4in1 will get you a denser weave you can play with. Look up Paladin's tutorials on making scale armor, and it shows the difference between the way the 2 weaves work. Has anyone ever tried to do J6in1 with scales? I'm not sure the geometry of J6in1 would work, but it would cross link the scales more if it does.

    If you are interested in mail shirts made out of interesting weaves look up Dr. T on M.A.I.L. He does some amazing things, and they are all made our of split rings. I think I've seen him make one our of elfweave sheet, but I can't find it right now.

  13. Pretty sure tumblers shouldn't apply shock when operating properly? As far as I know, the ideal operation is having the media sliding across the surface of the piece.

    That is the ideal operation, but you will get some drop as things move in the barrel. It isn't a serious issue, and you can put things like AA in a tumbler, but it is one reason why a surface so hard can be worn away.

  14. Regarding the AA, doesn't aluminum oxide (aka sapphire) have a mohs hardness of 9? The layer is thin, but a tumbler shouldn't be trying to do anything but burnish the surface.

    Very hard crystals also have a habit of being very brittle. They stand up to pressure well, but sudden shocks will break them easily.

  15. So, I was able to make elfweave following ArmoredKoi's tutorial. Surprisingly it was very easy. Almost too easy that I was thinking I did it wrong. I kept double checking my work against his photos and finally against his finished bracelet pic and everything matched up. I am still surprised at how easy that was.

    I've done the same thing. I couldn't make HP 3in1 till I got the right tutorial. After that it was a breeze, and I could all but do it in my sleep.

  16. Good luck finding any pictures of this. I could barely find Japanese patterns in shirt format at all, never mind this specific weave. They didn't make a lot of full chain armor, and when they started to the Europeans had come by and shown them E4in1.

  17. They are having a really hard time with E4-1. I started them with 16G 1/4" but now we've gone up to 16G 3/8" so they can see the pattern better. It's helping a little, but still not really seeing how to connect the two 2-1-2 chains.

    Have you thought about having them try weaving it a different way? I start with one 2in1 chain, and then add two closed rings to an open one to start, and then a closed ring on an open one till I hit the end of the 2in1 chain. It seems much easier to work with than a pair of chains.