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    Scale Mail Panties, need help.

    So I'm doing scale mail on a classic Loki costume, picture reference below and I got the general idea on how to do the lower part but... More or less am pondering on how to do, well, the 'underside' of the panties. I want to make them as close as possible to the costume but I don't want to scratch the hell out of my inner thigh, if that would even do it. Thoughts I had was to attach the completed scale mail to maybe a real set of tights, do the part in chain mail and maybe that would be more comfortable? I know this may seem odd, it's my first time doing such a thing. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. Katsuya_Kaiba

    Costume questions.

    If it's the AoA Loki costume, I just used the Green Anodized Aluminum Scales for mine. It made a nice jingle sound. I sewn the scales to a chestpiece made of denium because I knew the fabric would be able to handle something of that weight. I lined up the scales on a piece of scotch tape, leaving the holes above the tape and taped it to the fabric so I had placement of the scales, removing the tape after the scales were sewn it. For extra security, I also Mod Podged the back to give the thread some help and it gave a nice, stiff chestpiece look, like it was armor. Here's a picture of what I did: