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  1. heylonghair

    Anodized Aluminum

    Wondering what the ETA is on the 18g 3/16" black? Thanks.
  2. heylonghair

    Is IGP true-to-life?

    I'm planning an inlay and am using IGP to design it. My question is how true-to-life is the mock-up in IGP. I'm planning on using 16g 1/4" hung the wrong way. The pic I'm working off is 90 x 69 pixels. It looks good in IGP when done right way but when I change the view to wrong way it is extremely stretched out side-to-side. I've had to stretch the picture to 90 x 120 to make it look good in wrong way view. Does changing the way it hangs make that much of a difference? Will that translate accurately to the actual inlay? I've only done one other inlay so far and that was hung the right way and it came out pretty much like it showed in IGP but I'm wondering if it actually changes the image that much when it hangs the other way.
  3. heylonghair

    We're Moving!

    Will it still be possible to pick orders up here in Saskatoon?
  4. heylonghair

    Bra pattern

    I just came across this link - http://foundationsrevealed.com/articles/bra-making/how-to-make-a-bra/161-bras-determining-your-size and thought it might have some good information for people wanting to make bras, etc. I haven't made anything like that yet myself so I don't know for sure how helpful it will be but it looked fairly comprehensive. NOTE: the first two articles are free but to see more you need to pay. The first 2 articles have a lot of information regarding sizing and measuring though so I figure that's probably what we would need anyways.
  5. heylonghair

    Riders jersey front

    Here you are Metal Majesty - http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/5274-sk-roughriders-shirt/
  6. heylonghair

    SK Roughriders Shirt

    16g 1/4" bright and anodized aluminum and colored scales
  7. heylonghair

    Dragonscale Units Necklace

    That is really cool. What size rings did you use?
  8. heylonghair

    Riders jersey front

    Fantastic job! Looks great! Love the name and number on the back. I did mine in 16g 1/4" so I didn't bother trying to inlay a number cause I figured it wouldn't look right (or maybe I just wanted to get it finished by that time :-P )
  9. heylonghair

    Mint or Seafoam

    I know the pictures don't show the color difference accurately but mint is still too close to the regular green so I voted for seafoam.
  10. heylonghair

    Padding for Pliers for extended work (A thread spinoff)

    Is there a particular brand/kind that you use? I've tried several different types of tape, including hockey tape, and I find that as soon as my hands warm up the tape starts to slide around on the handles and the adhesive oozes out and my hands get all sticky. Am I doing something wrong or just using cheap tape?
  11. heylonghair

    Triple Dragonback

    Is that a typo? I have tried to make dragonback with 18g 3/16" and it is impossible.
  12. heylonghair

    Bra pride 2 0216 copy

    What size of rings are you using?
  13. heylonghair


    Fantastic job! Go Riders!!!!
  14. heylonghair

    Byzantine Materials

    I can't comment on the colors/material but I've done byzantine in that size with enameled copper and it worked fine. I didn't find it that bad but I guess it depends on what you're used to working on. Ray
  15. heylonghair

    18g 1/4

    I've never tried 18g 1/4" but 18g 3/16" is great for Byzantine, Elf Weave and Oops.