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    Reading books, chain mail, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch. I currently have 1 kitten, and 3 betta fish along with a few other fish
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    seashell necklace.jpg

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    European 6 in 1 choker necklace with spider web chain
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  6. Tired of studying for finals, luckily tomorrow is my last final of the quarter so then I have more time to play

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    My first major project

    Alright I added you as a facebbok friend =)
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    My first major project

    I dont have any friend requests on fb right now, could you send another one so I can accept it?
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    My first major project

    I will gladly accept your friend request. I have pictures of all of my other completed chain mail projects up on facebook. Right now my purse is just Maille but I do have plans to line it with some type of fabric pouch. I just haven't had the time or money to purchase and sew the lining at this point in time. The main reason I want to line is so that when I use it it won't scratch my cell phone or leave marks on my wallet etc.
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    My first major project

    Thanks for double checking, like I said I liked the name in the book I read but had not decided to research. The author does refer to her as a Mayan goddess so its nice to see that she actually did her own research.
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    My first major project

    Thanks for the welcome! According to a fiction book I read Itzpopolotl means obsidian butterfly in the ancient Mayan language. I have not done any research myself to see if this is actually true, but I liked the name.
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    My first major project

    This purse is my first major chain mail project that I have finished, I had completed several pieces of jewelry before this but nothing bigger then a necklace. My next large project planned is to make a mail shirt. Sorry for using a facebook link but I am still figuring out how to post pictures here. My link