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    scale mail haubert question

    Hi, I am interested in making a haubert (shirt, t-shirt) in scale mail. I wondered how much time in hours or days (with X hours per day) it could take to make that with big scales (I guess it's faster than with small ones ). I do not ask for a very accurate answer, I just want a clue. Thank you.
  2. Escrimeur

    scale mail haubert question

    Wow Merci pour ce condensé de cours d'histoire, en français!! J'apprécie grandement l'effort que vous avez fait pour cette explication . And thanks to Krys too! All your replies really helped me figure out how much time it could take and the scale photos also inspired me. Maybe I will start sooner then what I've thought .
  3. Escrimeur

    scale mail haubert question

    Thank you for all your answers! I was planning to do around 2 to 3 hours daily this summer. So I guess that for a basic thing ( i do not want it tightened ) I could make a nice piece. I will surely look at all the great info you have on this site later on to pursue my quest! Keep up the good work!