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  1. Skeeter

    A beautiful day

    Peace be with you and yours. Maybe the beautiful day is her way of showing she's out of pain now.
  2. Skeeter

    We took in some abandoned kittens - photos :)

    Awwww. You are so good to take them in. A feral mother cat will abandon her kittens if she doesn't think she can take care of them, and she usually does it around a person who she thinks can, or at least that is what I have been told. It is exhausting, but so worth it. My sister raised a litter of six from about that age to give away age (she kept two). The only one she lost was the one my bro-in-law stepped on, by accident. I never have liked him much anyway.
  3. Skeeter

    It's been awhile..............

    Wow! That is sharp! Very cool, got an estimate on the ring count, just out of curiosity?
  4. Skeeter

    Tragic... Just tragic...

    Prayers sent
  5. Skeeter

    Insert Coin game

    Gets a sense of humor, goes to dinner and makes chainmaille out of your calamari. *insert coin*
  6. Skeeter

    Insert Coin game

    Gets a Peter Principle (no, its not dirty, google it) *insert coin here*
  7. Skeeter

    Insert Coin game

    ^Gets a lightly steamed pound of aspargus (with a little lemon)^ *inserts coin*
  8. Skeeter

    Having trouble coping

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Being worn out from the battle and ready to go is NOT a reflection on you as a daughter. The role reversal in itself is hard to deal with; being a "parent" to your parent is tough. Hospice is a good thing; when I am no longer able to care for my husband, this is what we will do. If you didn't yell at your kids and husband, I would REALLY worry about you. Comfort to you and yours.
  9. Skeeter

    3 recent pieces...in sterling

    Thank you for the closeups! That is so cool, I never would have thought of expanding the gridlock like that. You use about the same AR that I do for grid byz. Hmmmm. Off to go find some rings now.
  10. Skeeter

    3 recent pieces...in sterling

    Very Nice! Grid Byz is such a nice weave, (but oooh so tedious, at least for me) and you have done a great job on it. That second one is really cool. Maybe a close up?
  11. Skeeter

    Holy cow, a new tutorial!

    Great! Now if I could just learn elfweave... I don't care how hard I try, it just escapes me.
  12. Skeeter

    Do you make your rings, or buy them?

    I hand coil and cut all of mine. I use a hand-cranked drill to wind, and a Koil Kutter to cut; except for really big rings, which I cut with a jewelers saw. If I ever got into anodized metal, I would probably buy them pre-made.
  13. Skeeter

    Yet another "pricing" thread... or just a rant?

    Need to sell them the pliers too! Or tell them where they can buy them.
  14. Skeeter

    Several things

    Very nice! You really coordinated the cabs with the wire. I think the cabs are my favorite, which is strange, since I usually don't like polymer clay...
  15. Skeeter

    Packaging your jewelry for delivery

    I do about the same as Teter. But, almost all of my stuff that I send are from people who have seen me at art shows, so they know what they are getting, and just want the jewelry in one piece. And, I do mark the padded envelope "Fragile". I have thought about getting those organza bags for use at a show, but most people just wear their purchase; saves me on packaging.
  16. Skeeter

    Euro 6 in 1 help

    Thanks! I think I can figure it out now.
  17. Skeeter

    Euro 6 in 1 help

    I have seen references to finishing the edges if Euro 6 in 1 with a half persian. I can't seem to figure it out. Does anybody have a picture of it? Thanks. I searched, but couldn't find an example.
  18. Skeeter

    Fun picture

    Nice plane, had a Piper Cherokee for years.
  19. You done good. Err on the side of kindness. I think it is Confucius that said "forget injuries, never forget kindness" My fuzzy two cents.
  20. Skeeter

    Looking for 26,28 gauged wire?

    The stainless steel is sold as "binding wire" for holding together pieces for soldering. Rio Grande has it in dead soft from 22 to 32 gauge. Probably other supply places have it as well. I have a spool of 28 gauge that I will probably never use up, unless I do something insane like knit with it or somethng.
  21. Skeeter

    When I am the only person sitting at a bar, and the next bozo that walks in comes and sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME. There are 40 empty seats, go sit in one of them! I don't want your company, I'm eating my lunch. People do it at fast food restaurants and other seat yourself places also. WHY?
  22. Skeeter

    I need some ideas...

    That is a good one! I like that better than mine.
  23. Skeeter

    I need some ideas...

    Wired Knots?
  24. Skeeter

    Fun picture

    OWWWW! Snorting wine out of your nose onto the keyboard hurts! Too, too funny! I will never look at Peeps the same again.