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    I need some ideas...

    Knot Wire
  2. Skeeter

    Euro 4 Inlay Cuffs

    Very nice! I like the way you turned it sideways.
  3. Skeeter

    So this is what chainmail looks like

    I think the AR is off, it looks a little stiff to me...
  4. Skeeter

    Micro mandrel source?

    I bought it off the website, harborfreight.com, and they do have a store locator. It was either 9.99, or 19.99, but I'm pretty sure it was the lower price. I don't know how accurate they would be for their original purpose, but for what I use them for, they are great.
  5. Skeeter

    Micro mandrel source?

    Kodiak, That's them! I wondered what their "real" purpose was. The set was on sale for something like $10, so I couldn't pass them up. The #3 is what I use to make 18 gauge Full Persian, I couldn't find a metric or inch mandrel that I liked as well. I also have their inch transfer punches that goes in 1/64 increments. Harbor Freight is a wonderful place!
  6. Skeeter

    Micro mandrel source?

    Last year, or the year before, I bought a set of transfer punches from Harbor Freight, there are 60 of them, I don't know the sizes or what increments they are in, but they go from maybe a 22 gauge wire up to about 5mm. They are numbered 1 thru 60, but that is all the info on them. I don't see them on the website anymore, but, maybe you could call them. I don't use them that much, but when you are really trying to tweak some ring sizes, they are awesome.
  7. Skeeter

    Tool Definitions

    Hysterical!! And soooo true! That is getting sent to a few people I know.
  8. Skeeter

    What to call this...?

    It looks even better on! What gauge would 2mm wire translate to? 16 or 14 gauge? Now, how about some matching (or sort of) earrings, on a smaller scale of course! If you're putting it in the shop, that would make a nice display. Actually, depending on the weight, the earrings wouldn't have to be on a smaller scale.
  9. Skeeter

    What to call this...?

    Cracky Loops!
  10. Skeeter

    What to call this...?

    Thanks! That is the first thing that popped into my mind. When I first started doing juried art shows, I learned quick. When they ask for the name of the piece, "necklace" just doesn't cut it. Nor, when they ask, in 100 words or less, why you made this piece, you should not say that you had all these little rings around and had to do something with them. You could do a series of these, each one a one of a kind piece, but still similar. Skeeter
  11. Skeeter

    What to call this...?

    Hmm. How about Very Asymetrical (check spelling) Shaggy Loops? Or VASL for short? Skeeter I really like the design by the way!
  12. Skeeter

    What to call this...?

    Tribal Rings. Maybe because the stone it is on looks like an elephant? Skeeter
  13. Skeeter

    Lindstrom probs?

    I have the Linstrom 7590 & 7893, they are great, but they don't have springs. Kodiak, that was too funny! You are in Oregon and recommend FDJ Tools, and I'm going over there today and pick up a few things. Nice people there, by the way. They always have cookies and pretzals out for their customers. Skeeter
  14. Skeeter

    28 gauge wire

    Rio Grand has it in gauges from 22 to 32. It is in their tools catalog; its binding wire for soldering. Hope that helps!
  15. Skeeter

    Japanese weaves

    For 12 in 2, I preclose my small rings, and open the large rings; thats half the battle. Take large ring, scoop up the small rings, close; take other large ring, run it over the previous large ring. Lather, rinse, repeat. I usually start on an edge, less small rings to start with. You find what works for you.