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  1. Could it have been called Nefertiti's Collar? Graduated Jap 2 in 12 in gold-filled? If so, that was one of my pieces. Thanks for remembering it! If you can find that old thread, the stats are in it; if not, I have them somewhere, just have to find them. It found a new home over the summer, I'm happy to say!

  2. 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup; extended cab, long bed. Will pull, push or haul anything you ask of it. 170,000 miles, that is a LOT of art shows. No power locks, windows, seats, etc. It was build as a work truck, and that is what it is.

    I will cry when I have to replace it.

  3. This is my Dad's boiled shrimp recipe; it has served me well over the years, this is for a couple of pounds of shrimp in the shell.

    Stick of butter



    Tabasco sauce

    Black pepper

    Bay leaves

    Melt butter in large pot; drink a beer while the butter is melting. Rinse the shrimp while drinking the beer. Once the butter melts, pour enough beer in the pot to cover the shrimp. Bring the beer/butter mixture to a boil. Toss in the bay leaves (maybe two or three), lots of black pepper, and Tabasco sauce. It takes time to come to a boil, so have another beer. Once it boils, throw in the shrimp. Just boil until the shrimp get light pink, usually a couple or few minutes. Take it off the heat quick, drain and eat.

    And have a glass of wine.

  4. 31pDoHLEKjL._SL500_AA280_.jpg

    This is the container that I use. I love them. I two little ones that like to play with my rings and beads and this keeps them out.

    This picture didn't come out well. Sorry. They lock individually. you have to push a button on the side and open the little box that you want.

    I have about 15 or so of those, and they are GREAT. I use them not only to store rings and components, but also product for shows. Drop them, no loss of stuff.

  5. Atrocious.

    I wish I had read this reply before I sent in my survey/questionaire from the show. Silly art show, they put (as most do) a "how are we doing" form in the artist packet. Some are very simple, "do you like us?", and some are a two pager. So, this one wanted to know, among other things, how we felt about the judging. Atrocious was one of the very few words I DID NOT use. Even still, I had to use an extra sheet of paper.

    I never thought I would say this, Cynake, where were you when I needed you!

  6. I do juried art shows for a living, and have gotten some of these comments before. I have some signs in my booth, showing how it is made, etc. Some people will actually read them, look right at me and said "You MADE this?" No, I just took the photos in my factory in China. Duh.

    Most people are interested and nice, some are jerks, but artists in other mediums have people say the same things. One older couple came into my booth, the guy looked at my stuff and said "you made all of this yourself?" His wife gave a heavy sigh, and said "Yes dear, she made it herself, that is why it is call an ART SHOW."

    I have never,that I can recall, had someone tell me I had too much time on my hands. Never, until last weekend. I was at a show that I have done for three or four years. Now, I have always had a piece picked for judging, but have never won there. So, one of the judges comes into my booth, looks at my stuff, turns to me and says "You have too much time on your hands." Normally, I would have gotten huffy because that is a VERY inappropriate thing for a judge to say. Did he say that to painters that might spend months on a painting? Every other artist that I talked to agreed with me. Well, I am asuming the ones that just stood there with their jaw dropped were agreeing.

    Anyway, the first thing that popped into my mind was this thread. Thanks to this thread, I was trying not to laugh; so the "judge" was able to get out of my booth with all the bits and parts he came in with.

    I'm still laughing about it.

  7. I use those locking Craftmates too. But I transport them to shows in a bag I got from the Army Surplus store. It must be like a 24" by something utility bag. I can put about 10 of the Craftmates in it, two stacks of five.

    I buy the individual Craftmates at craft stores like Michaels for $3 or so depending on sale, coupon, etc.

  8. That is so nice what you are doing. More people should be like you! She will show you her name.

    I had a 16 pound or so Maine Coon Cat who was named "Cuke". Why? Because he was as cool as a cucumber.

    Maybe T-cat?

  9. This may help.

    Say you have a wrist that is 7 inches in circumference. (measured by a very small diameter thread) and want a bracelet of lets say 1/4" diameter to fit on your wrist.

    The bracelet must be longer because of the diameter of the weave.

    Try to follow the math:

    WD = Wrist diameter

    WC = Wrist circumference = bracelet length

    π(pie) = 3.14159

    WC =π(pie)*WD

    7 = 3.14159*WD

    WD = 2.228

    Now that we know that we can calculate the final bracelet length

    since the weave is 1/4" in diameter we need to add 1/4" to the calculated diameter(WD). Always add the weave diameter and not the radius.

    2.228(WD) + .250 = 2.478

    Use the circumference formula again. But opposite of the last time.

    WC = π(pie)*WD(new)

    WC = 3.14159*2.478

    WC = 7.785

    Therefore the length that you need to make the bracelet is 7.785 inches.

    If I haven't confused you use that formula to do your calculations.

    If I confused you send me a pm and I'll explain further.

    I think that be it! Thank you! I knew that pesky pie HAD to be in there somewhere.

  10. No, thats not it, but thank you.

    If you take an 8 inch piece of thread and wrap it around your wrist, and then you take a cord one inch in diameter, and wrap it around your wrist, it will not cover the same area. It has something to the diameter of the cord, does that make more sense?

    I used the Helm vs. Full Persian because one is flat, and one is not. That diameter thingy.

  11. I have seen it somewhere before, but for the life of me I can't find it now. The thicker the chain, the longer it has to be to cover a certain area. Basically, bracelets. I know a 14 gauge Full Persian has to be longer than a 20 gauge Helm; but what is the mathamatical formula that determines it?


  12. You're welcome. Didn't know it was so expensive though. There are some works in there by an artist named Mary Lee Hu that will make your jaw drop. They look similar to the ones posted in this thread, but are a different technique.