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    BC15162 1 F

    Central portion is 9-wide European 4-in-1 in TRL copper 20g1/8, and the two outer portions are 5-wide European 6-in-1 in TRL copper 18g7/32. The two arrow links are from Fire Mountain Gems (stock #H20-8581FX), as is the toggle clasp (stock #H20-8739FY. Bracelet length = 8 inches.
  2. Cystem_Phailure

    dice Bag 4

    The "drawcord" is an 8" Byzantine chain (brass 20g1/8, triple-connected) with a brass 16g5/16 "stop" ring at each end to keep it in place, and a 25mm stainless steel lobster clasp on one of the brass stop rings. About 2" back from the lobster clasp the Byzantine chain has a single red anodized aluminum 18g3/16 ring, at the right distance so when the non-clasp end of the cord is pulled until the red ring is clear of the loops the lobster clasp can be closed on the red ring and seal the bag, leaving about 6 inches of free Byzantine chain for carrying. Alternatively the stop loop at the free end of the drawcord can also be clasped with the lobster, forming a large closed loop that can be hung on a belt or a peg.
  3. Cystem_Phailure

    dice Bag 3

    The upper portion of the bag, the "cylinder" above the concave lower portion, is European 4-in-1 (18g3/16) purple background with 6 alternating yellow and bright silver spiral stripes, each capped at the top with a small ear and a 16g5/16 brass ring for the drawcord. There are also small ears and 16g5/16 brass rings midway between each of the striped ears, for a total of 12 drawcord loops that give a snug closure that shouldn't allow commonly sized dice to escape.
  4. Cystem_Phailure

    dice Bag 2

    The curved lower portion of the bag, shaped to conform to half a tennis ball, is mostly Japanese 12-in-1 (16g7/32 and 20g1/8) with a few sites of 10-in-2 (18g3/16 and 20g1/8) near the curved portion/cylindrical portion boundary. The small rings in the 12-in-1 have a fun loose, rolling feel similar to rolling ball bearings between your fingers, yet still hold the larger rings together nicely to maintain the outward circular structure from the central lowest point.
  5. Cystem_Phailure

    dice Bag 1

    I decided maybe I was ready for the minor rite of passage of making a dice bag. Here's what I ended up with. The bag is all anodized aluminum except for the closing rings and "drawcord" (all brass), and has stainless steel lobster clasp on the drawcord. It holds 3 sets of 16mm gaming dice (21 dice total) with comfortable room for 3 or 4 extra dice too. Total number of rings = 1332.
  6. Cystem_Phailure

    What determines when a color gets discontinued?

    Lime green would be great! I like the darker green you've got but more shades of green or blue are always welcome. I like the aqua rings at C & T Design.
  7. Cystem_Phailure

    What determines when a color gets discontinued?

    Makes sense-- thanks. I've only seen the TRL site since late last year. Are one-off colors rare events, or is it typical to get two or three of them a year (in any color) like in this past year? Maybe I can collect a handful of hues and then combine them in works made entirely of extinct colors.
  8. I'm curious why the anodized pale yellow and dark rose colors will not be replenished in any of your gauge/ID combos once current supplies are exhausted. Is it strictly that they are unpopular and poor sellers? I'm guessing that neither of these supplies arose as leftovers from custom orders, since both colors are available in such a wide range of ring sizes. I really like that dark rose. It's much nicer (IMO) than the standard "pink" color.
  9. Cystem_Phailure

    bridge detail

    Close-up of one end of the bridged portion of my bracelet.
  10. Cystem_Phailure

    Bridged half persian 3-in-1 bracelet

    OK, I'm finally ready to risk showing my first piece here on the TRL forum. 2 photos of a bracelet I made last month-- sorry the colors are different in the two images. The bracelet strands are half persian 3-in-1 using TRL alternating red and deep rose rings. 2 strand sizes: 18g3/16 and 20g1/8. Clasp is stock# H20-2848FX from Fire Mountain Gems. This thing took me quite a bit of time trying different length ratios for the various strand portions before I got a mix I liked. The bracelet is 7-1/2" long. TRL-- why get rid of the "deep rose" color? I think it's a much nicer tint than the AA "pink".
  11. Cystem_Phailure

    Jewelry Supplies - all beads, clasps, chain etc

    Do you have any restocking date for the 22mm Silver Plate Ball Head Pin (jshead-ball-sp)?
  12. Cystem_Phailure

    Saw cut ring sampler

    For your saw cut ring sampler (SAMPLER-SX) the written description says it includes rings 19g and smaller. But the itemized list in the accompanying image also includes 3 IDs each of 16g and 18g rings. Are the 16g and 18g rings included in the sampler, or is it just the smaller rings?