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    Just about any craft or skill I can pick up, keeps me from fidgeting, and involves problem solving.
  1. The Postindustrialist

    Bead and Button, Bead Dream competition.

    Agreed. Especially for cabs, which I sorely am wanting. This is the closest I've found to what I want, and it STILL leaves me wanting (mainly for bigger sizes for larger cabs for thicker weaves: ) http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H201392MT Then, ONLY THEN... will my search be complete.
  2. The Postindustrialist

    Looking for some selling advice

    Frontpage!?!??!?!?!?! NO! notepad is the ONLY way to truly learn HTML. I tried to take the shortcut out, but all my friends made fun of me and treated me with disdain till I started doing notepad. I am SOOOO grateful for their insistence. My HTML skills have boosted my annual income by about $5-7,000 for the last 4 years. XD
  3. The Postindustrialist

    You might be a mailler if...

    hahahahaha..... OCD-ish here. I bought 5lbs of sweepings and separated it down to the last stray ring over the course of two evenings once. Part of me kinda wants to buy a bunch more just to organize the hell out of it, and then demand my little brother use it to make me crap... Of course then again, he wouldn't, even for free supplies.... BTW, if anyone is doing ARMOR, holy crap are there a lot of armor sized rings in the sweepings!!! Since I don't do it, and only later on read that TRL recycles their bronze and brass, the experiment was fruitless. I even ended up giving away my tiny scales because they just didn't suit what I wanted. And no, I'm not like the above poster who "sorts for fun" and then makes the mess again. I just have a real obsession with organization. *twitch*
  4. The Postindustrialist

    You might be a mailler if...

    leathermans don't necessarily need to be mail related. A LOT of people use the handy folding multitools. You might be a new mailer if you're crazy enough to think making something out of mail with them is a good idea and have no regard for cushioned grips.
  5. The Postindustrialist

    Not really sure...

    read the FAQ above. Also, check out instructables. I think it's one of the few other sources not mention already. :S
  6. The Postindustrialist

    Biometric timeclock - opinions please

    I've never worked in a place that required a card either. It was always an honor system of signing our time and date on our own, or it was basically "scheduled" with me on 10-5 or such, and I got paid only for 10-5. The one other time had a punch card that was stored by the time system thingie. THAT fucked me over royally. I'd somehow either get started on something, and forget to punch in till it was too late, or forget to punch out. I ended up with many lost hours. The scheduled hours only method made damned sure that we all were cleaning up about a half an hour early so we wouldn't be caught a second overtime. The honor system, which I'm with at my current job as well, I tend to just put roundish times of when I show up. I typically short myself, as I get in around 9:45-9:50, and leave at 5:05-5:15, and sign in/out at 10-5. But if I'm over significantly, I'll try and keep track of it to the nearest 10-15 min, and I don't feel as pressured. Oddly enough, because I'm in charge of my own hours, I'm not as bitchy about being screwed out of time (since it's basically me screwing myself), and they probably get more productivity because I write in my own hours spent. Typically, I've noticed that other employees do the same, and honor has its own paranoia about it... Somehow there's nothing more sadistic you can do to a person than telling them you are flat out trusting them on a matter. The worst though is the other job have: freelance. I spend hours over what I charge, just because, sometimes, I don't feel it's worthwhile to charge for crap like reading a book, or taking a phone call, though, technically, since it's my job to do those things, I should. Then again, it's freelance web work, and simple so....
  7. The Postindustrialist

    Biometric timeclock - opinions please

    Hmmm.. I thought I posted on this a while back. Guess not. One of the hidden aspects on this may be morale. Morale is definitely one of the intangibles that can easily create dramatic results. I'm not sure what method you use to track employee hours now, but the implementation of such a system may or may not change morale, and thusly affect the worker's progress. Sounds silly I suppose, but I don't think I could bear to work at a place where I am scanned (in some way) daily. Though, then again, I am a bit of an anti-technologist.
  8. The Postindustrialist

    Jens Pind Linkage Cable Choker

    It's always amazing what a different gauge size can do to a weave.. Looks beautiful.
  9. It doesn't matter what craft I do. Some days my head feels just so full of ideas and methods it feels like its about to burst...

    1. The Postindustrialist

      The Postindustrialist

      So in addition to the wood projects I've got keeping me out of mailing ATM, and posting crap elsewhere regarding woodworking possibilities, I'm already thinking about napkin rings in mail, possibly table runners, and crazily enough, wondering if I can mail a sheet suitable for upholstery on a chair seat....

    2. The Postindustrialist

      The Postindustrialist

      And don't tell me you haven't considered blackened stainless viperscale napkin rings or some loose stainless 20ga 4-1 on charcoal fabric for your dining chairs.. :P

  10. The Postindustrialist

    You might be a mailler if...

    I feel kinda left out, not being able to add much... Well, You might be a mailler when you don't have a computer at your desk, but instead it's built around ring storage, and said storage doubles as "home decor". (some day I'll have to post a desk setup pic or something so you all can see what my arrangement's like).
  11. The Postindustrialist

    Scale kilt questions

    I'm going to let others handle this whom might be better equiped with answers than I. Since it's about scales, I'm sure Paladin is going to give you the most thorough answer. One thing about mail that I've noticed is you don't get much sway. It's just not a swaying material unless you have some really lightweight welded mesh, as far as my experience goes. The weight of it, and the direction of weaves, tends to just have it drop downwards and stay there. In short, if drops and contracts to be formfitting of sorts. You also aren't going to get the pleats that are present in a kilt (unless maybe using something like corduroy ( http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=8633 ) rows at intervals and that's just a shot in the dark). scales complicate matters because they're meant to slide on top of each other. In short, you won't end up with much of a kilt as you might end up with a formfitting skirt.
  12. The Postindustrialist

    video editing software for PC

    I know... but programs are also susceptible to bloat. "editing" software of any kind in particular. And don't get me started on "Capitalism".... Here in the US, if you seem to utter anything against "free market capitalism" or how the consumer is an emotionally driven idiot rather than the idealize "rational and logical being in capable of maximizing one's gains with complete knowledge of the transaction", you're labeled a Marxist and a Nazi and sent of to "re-education camps". Back to the original question though... What exactly are you trying to do? create animation via standalone images? do some video effects? Simply splice and merge video clips? all three? Depending on what you want to do, you may not require something as intensive as premier. I can't remember its name (I think it was moyager, or perhaps that was just the player it was packaged with), but I used a fairly basic program a few years back to splice things together. I also played with MovieMaker, but that's just bloated crap... (or it was when I had it on XP). Adobe's gotten way too bloated. I tried moving from Photoshop 3 to 5 and it killed my computer (running W7, have 4GB RAM, and Pentium Dual Core T4400 at 2.2Ghz. Not top of the line, but considering it's only a year old computer, I didn't expect the upgrade to render my machine completely useless. (and all I want to do is make pretty pictures). I can only IMAGINE what the latest video editing software they have would do....
  13. The Postindustrialist

    Inventory management

    Borealis, you're not alone. I learned almost immediately that unless my rings start costing me more than $.20 a ring,(meaning silver and niobium), it wouldn't really matter in the calculation of costs. The majority of "cost" is in labor, and quite frankly, counting out rings takes more time than it does to link them. And counts aren't 100% accurate anyhow. I'm currently on hiatus for the summer from working on mail, (I have some other projects I'm anxious to do in the field of woodworking), but I'm pretty good at keeping track of the number of rings I have in stock. I know I'm out of my bronze 18ga 1/4", and probably will require about 2000 more. I know I have gunmetal 16ga(17-18ga) 10mm ID rings in quantities around 4000, approximately 5,500 gunmetal 18ga(19ga) 6mm ID rings, and 4,740 gunmetal 18ga(19ga) 8mm rings, and probably 1,000-500 brass rings in 18ga(19ga) 5/32" ID, and probably 2,000-3,000 steel 18ga(19ga) 1/8" ID rings I have yet to sheet for a project. I also have some 18ga brass rings in the 1/4" size that I have yet to use up. That's my inventory ATM. I know it because I can estimate how much I've used from how much I've ordered, and because I typically only order 3-4 sizes per gauge in 3-4 materials/colors, and am currently hoping to switch to smaller when I start up again. THAT'S the inventory that matters to me.
  14. The Postindustrialist

    video editing software for PC

    Yes, well, intellectual property laws are a bit overboard also. Not talking about file sharing, but the EULAs tend to include lawyerspeak bits like "this may be free now, but that's subject to change" or "You can use this product but really, we're the ones that own it, even if you pay us", or even with physical products, or seeds in particular, they get a bit over the top.... Just saying. There's got to be a few free (legally) video editing programs out there. Like how GIMP is a faux photoshop, there's got to be a freeware version of Premier.
  15. The Postindustrialist

    Special Project Advice

    Here's a calculator for byzantine. It's not going to be exact for other weaves, but you should be able to get a decent enough idea. http://www.zlosk.com/~zlosk/maille/byz2.html