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  1. Been playing around with a new photography setup. Pictures are headed to the gallery.

    1. Eduardo Barron

      Eduardo Barron

      they look really great. I particularly like your white background ones.

    2. twilightbanana


      Two lines of beading silk are put up inside my lightbox, so one of the earrings would be a bit further back. Took the shot with the macro setting, so the backmost earring would be out of focus.

  2. Seriously, faucet spam??

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    2. Milquetoast


      It got really bad for a short while several months ago; nearly daily there'd be new spam, but then as I recall they upgraded forum software or added some kind of safeguard to registration and it's been much better since

    3. madd-vyking


      Makes me wonder how many "members" are actually spam accounts, or if those accounts are deleted right away, along with the spam(?)

    4. twilightbanana
  3. Just finished a 20 ga. E6-1 bracelet. 5/32" rings for the center row, 1/8" rings for the edges. Sleek :)

  4. Picked up some rivetting rings to try out with scales instead of butted or split rings.

  5. has had people from Kazakhstan ordering rings - I wouldn't rule out Russian maillers.