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  1. Metal Majesty

    Punched & Solid Rings

    Are these done yet? Need to place order! Must create! Twitching. .. blinking. ...
  2. Metal Majesty

    received 10152633553169149

    Multiple size glass cabs wrapped in modified Celtic labyrinth weave.

    © Metal Majesty

  3. Metal Majesty

    FB IMG 1432903967984

    My supernova unit. My design using Japanese weave techniques.

    © Metal Majesty

  4. Metal Majesty

    IMG 20150711 002353

    Still need a name for this beauty. Caged using modified Celtic labyrinth style weave then switched to my supernova weave (yes mine) to finish.

    © Metal Majesty

  5. Metal Majesty

    IMG 20150623 094406

    Helm Flower. Rivoli caged in my own design (didn't use a tut or template, so I'm calling the cage mine) Outside "petals" are helm chain.

    © Metal Majesty

  6. Metal Majesty

    IMG 20150710 112642

    Modified Celtic Labyrinth rings. Original design by Daleann Stark available in the Oct/Nov 2014 issue of Step by Step Wire Magazine.

    © Metal Majesty

  7. Metal Majesty

    Punched & Solid Rings

    I see your last update for the 1.5" welded rings says 10 days. ... last year What's the word for this year?
  8. Metal Majesty


    I could send you an invoice then mail it to you...?
  9. Metal Majesty

    Scale Dress

    WOW! That is awesome!
  10. Metal Majesty

    Drop Earrings

    Love these. Beautiful!
  11. Metal Majesty


    95 hours, 16340 rings, 28 1/2" x 16" using size 16316

    © Metal Majesty

  12. DONE!! 95 hours and 16340 rings later!

  13. 10000 rings down, 5000 to go

    1. calyx


      *cheers you on* \o/ \o/ \o/

    2. Blind Maille

      Blind Maille

      Well hey, at least you're pass the 1/2 mark. I always find it easier to complete something after I get half way through.

    3. Katlee


      Very nice! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  14. 3784 rings down, 11524 to go

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chaosity


      Yay! Keep on weaving!

    3. Chainmailbasket_com


      For the inlay? Did the ring count change a bit?

      Inlays fly together once you get started.

    4. Metal Majesty

      Metal Majesty

      Well I shortened up the rows a bit and added a few. So there are 89 rows at 172 rings per row. So 15308 is the total count. And then however many rings it takes to hang it.. Which is still an unknown to me as to how I'm going to do it lol